Thursday, April 30, 2015

GM Seminar #3: Not Pathetic Caricatures

Took part in another Gaming Mastering Seminar at Makati B&B and this time, my topic was Not Pathetic Caricatures, which explores the techniques and tricks that I've learned to use in approaching NPCs in games.  This time, I admit I was determined to stay within the time limit, so I tried to keep things as summarized as possible.

Thankfully, the reception was pretty nice and people seemed to like the ideas presented.  I just hope I've at least helped people come up with new ideas to try in approaching their own games.

You can check out the slideshow I presented by visiting The Garapata Repository and hopefully I can edit this post soon to include the video capture of the talk so those who weren't present can watch it and get a bit more on the topic.  (Let's face it, we always try to add a bit more anecdotes into our talks, not to mention the video would explain the point of the.... blue screen moment).

The other topics covered included:
Superhero Gaming
Facilitated by Alex, know about where comic books and RPGs intersect and how you can set up your own comic book inspired RPG game!
Secrets of top GMs revealed
Led by our veteran GM Mon learn secrets that he has observed from top GMs throughout his long years in the hobby.
Using Consequences in Gaming
Featuring Jay, this talk is about how the choices players make shape the game they experience.
Girl Gamer Q&A   They're not many, but they do play! Ask your questions to our panel of girl gamers. If you are a girl gamer, speak up and share your experiences at the table with the rest of us!  On board are Che and Christine to share their views.

*Last names and photos removed for now since I'm not quite sure how they feel about having their pictures and full names online.

Very happy to have been permitted to be part of the Seminar once more. And I can't wait to hear from any gamers who've found ways to make their own games even more fun!  I'll update this post once Fabs and Mira, who have been super awesome, have the video captures of the talks ready and online.

Thank you to Raf for the photo.
(Please ignore my big belly)

EDIT: 5/4/2014
Here's the link to the video of the talks and panels held for the third Gaming Seminar.  Check them out and feel free to go share them around!

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