Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Wardens ep04 : DC Heroes

The Wardens
Episode Four
"Harbinger - Part I of The Quest"

Mayfair Games' DC Heroes

The Wardens attempt to return to their lives, with the breathing room they gain after bringing down Rey Princeton and Le Chateau d' Univers.  Tara White (Trace) focused on her school work and found herself spending time with Dermont, a classmate who happens to be the son of Conrad.   Hadrian Fauntleroy (Reliquary) takes the opportunity to meet with Conrad and introduce his son to the fact he will someday inherit the business. Shin Takenoko (Buzz) and his brother discuss their family's legacy and learn that their parents actually prepared some video message for them regarding the powers to be inherited.  Ben Frank (Apollo) attempts to reconnect with the people, hoping to find ways to help the less fortunate citizens of Port City.  Diego Franco (El Teniente) tries to talk to his mother about the team, and finds the discussion shifting instead towards his Abuela and his sister, Lucita.

Ben learns many have been evicted from their homes, a move which was initiated by some major corporation that seeks to develop the land into better housing.  His recollections of the future do confirm that such structures do eventually stand here.   When he opts to join them for a barbeque at some park , he finds his day crossing into Diego's (whom he recognizes since El Teniente unmasked himself [Editor's note: See the spectacular second issue, "Confessions").

Buzz receives a call from Lucita, asking him to join the barbeque.  His arrival does not come unnoticed by Diego, who still has a beef with his teammate seeing his sister.  The two trade verbal jabs, but its clear that Diego still does not believe Shin is worthy to be part of his family.

But when dark clouds gather, the team opts to send out an alert.  Hadrian learns Tara is with Conrad's son, and insists the boy be taken to safety.  Tara finds herself dealing with an eager Dermont who is amazed to realize he knows people with super powers.   While Hadrian tries to get to the park in time, the rest of the team gather to deal with what seem to be otherworldly enemies:  dark skinned humanoids with disturbing weapons, who speak a language that feels familiar yet strange.   Even worse, they seem to be hunting for "Abuela." The team mobilizes to move people to safety, with Tara teleporting any of those injured to the nearest hospitals, Buzz and El Teniente facing off against a gigantic troll of a warrior, and the suitless Apollo being forced to rely on the damaged Mirror helm once used by Princeton and his skills to fight.  Unexpectedly, a new "heroine" emerges to join the battle as a young girl dressed like a super hero leaps into the scene.  Calling herself Wilder, the girl bites of more than she can chew when her antics place her in danger and the sonic boom Buzz generates to try to bring the Troll Warrior down catches her and grievously injures her.   Apollo grabs a hold of one of the guns held by the goblin-like folk and discovers the thing somehow has an effect on the mental stamina of its targets.  The weapon, however, bears an odd name: Wordsmith.

As Hadrian arrives at the scene, he catches sight of a tall, majestic woman wreathed in dark flames directs the assault from a nearby rooftop.  Hadrian rushes past her, hoping to reach the team, but then stops upon hearing her mutter one word:  Gervaine.  The name of his Alchemist mentor back when he was still mortal!   When he tries to demand for answers, she wades through the resistance with ease and demands for The First Knight.

Seeing more people injured from the wordsmith guns, Trace opts to teleport everyone she can to safety while the rest of the team use their combined abilities to fight against the tall woman, who they learn is called the Minotaur.   Buzz and El Teniente strike true, with Reliquary keeping her off balanced with intense mental assaults.  But just when the group thought they were about to celebrate a victory, they are all swept away from the park through what appears to be a magical portal!   By the time Trace, who had just teleported from the hospital, returns, the rest of the Wardens are missing.  And though she sees the dark shape in the sky, even a series of repeated teleports that push her to the brink of exhaustion fails to bring her any closer to her friends.   Sadly, even Fangirl, whose intense abilities to tap into electronic networks seems unparalleled, is unable to find where they had gone.

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