Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Wardens ep02 : DC Heroes

The Wardens
Episode Two

Mayfair Games' DC Heroes

Tara White opts to purchase the team burner phones, hoping to help the group contact each other and not have to rely on Fan Girl alone to do so.  She learns that her family is planning a vacation trip out of town, however, and wonders how to manage her time with them with the super heroics she needs to do to help Port City.  Hadrian Fauntleroy decides to open up to Fan Girl about his identity and his wealth and the two soon opt to have the group gather and get to know each other a bit more.   Ben Frank is pouring through documents searching for any mentions of acenstral family members and ends up meeting Ren Takenoko, Shin Takenoko's brother, who shares he is working at ArmsCorp and recommends to Ben to try applying there. Ben realizes he misses an old show he used to watch, called MCIS.  But in this current date, it doesn't even exist yet.   Diego Franco learns that his youngest brother, Mateo, has gained a possibly unhealthy admiration for El Teniente and this has lead to school fights and moments of disobedience.  But this is nothing compared to the pressure he gets when Shin visits to ask his sister, Lucita, out on a date.

The Wardens soon learn that Hadrian has the financial means to support the team, an avenue of opportunities that Ben realizes can help finance the technology he hopes to empower the team with.   Ben had been researching as well the cookies he had retrieved from Mrs. Fields and Mr. Peanut and tracks the devices down to a place called Le Chateau d' Univers.   Ben suspects that's where the man with the Disco Ball head may be hiding.  Tara, however, suddenly gets a message from Fan Girl to hurry back home to the campsite where her parents have gone with her.  Before Tara could ask how she knows of her name, she teleports back in time just before her mother visits her tent.

The group begins to bicker about things, and overall there is that realization that many of them have yet to truly trust one another.  Hoping to show he has nothing to hide, Diego unmasks himself.  This, however, shocks Shin, who recognizes him to be the brother of the girl he likes.  When the arguments reach a fevered pitch, Fan Girl tries to silence them by addressing them by name.  And when called out for knowing about their secrets, she logs out in a panic, leaving the ipad mounted on a segwey that she used to interact with the team shut down.

Tara's woes, however, get worse when she discovers a group called SKIE has come to the camp, determined to ask questions.  They claim to be focused on alien threats and hope to learn about a recent alien crash site which her parents may or may not have witnessed.  The agents of SKIE, led by a unnamed woman who is accompanied by The Emissary, an alien contact who claims to be one of the Afrokaters.   Tara, however vague her childhood memories may be, knows the Afrokaters do not look the way he does, and this eventually leads to a fight.    The group rushes to the area to help out, with Tara pulling her mother out of the danger zone.   El Teniente and Buzz work in concert, moving into the danger zone, while protecting the parents from gun fire.  Apollo anticipates the need for a vehicle, only to find the Emissary teleporting to the jeep he was planning to commandeer.  They soon defeat the Emissary, named Sadin, and insist that the SKIE agent explain things in the future.  She gives them a card to contact her indirectly, citing the need for secrecy that she is bound to maintain.  The card gives them the name and contact details of her sister, who is a doctor at some nearby hospital.

With the group now aware of Tara's alien nature, Tara speaks to her mother who admits she pretended she did not know Tara and Trace where the same person, just to keep her safe.  She also admits she was well aware her daughter was not human, and even kept this from her father.   The two form a stronger bond for the years to come.

The SKIE agent reports to her higher ups that the Emissary was lying, and that the Wardens can at least be counted on protecting the city.  She does, however, wonder what they will do with the alien ship currently in orbit.
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