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Dreams Betwixt Walls ep03 : A Red and Pleasant Land

Dreams Betwixt Walls
Episode Three

"Foreclusions and Other Oddities"

A Red and Pleasant Land

Fleeing.  There has been nothing but the need to find Ilya in Vera's mind.  But the urge to find her comes secondary to the need to flee when dangerous elements gather in the vicinity.   Vera threatens Archie, the rabbit, to give Ilya the opportunity to eventually study magic.  The Grandmama, however, warns Vera of the scarcity of reagents that can be used.

Vera assigns Vidar to watch over the rabbit, but he leaves it when she calls for him. Ilya, with the rabbit, runs off to look around the other side of the town. There, she meets "Jack, Knave of Clubs." Father Geoff and Mara and a dwarf named One try to separate Jack from Ilya. Vera makes a deal with Grandmama to give Ilya a gift to protect her.

Vidar and Vera find the well. Vera gathers glowing herbs as reagents. They learn of children living in the well. Draws one out (around fifteen years) and learns of the foreclusion he had of his mother being attacked by a man in white. Vera concludes Geoff is a danger. Jack invites them to come with her. But Mara resists the magical influence. At a well, Bob, who lives in a well, is invited to join them. Jack seems determined to gather more children from the well.

Vera and the others return to the cottage. Grandmama is on her way to leave, but Vera decides to ransack her cupboard for reagents. Ilya arrives, calling for help with word of Mara having hurt herself in a fall. Vera realizes the priest and the child are needed to talk to the Red King. When Vera starts throwing out commands, Rabbit admits she works for the Queen. He drew us to the world for the Queen needs humans. Vera plays along when the Rabbit magically compels her to bow.

Angered, Vidar picks up the rabbit, then smashes it against the wall, killing it. Ilya exasperates that moment and she starts crying and realizes there is a spare pestle under the kitchen sink.  The pestle, she later discovers, is what is needed to control the walking house.

The priest confrots a giant monocled hog, who begins eloquently talking about the pigs and the wolf. using the spear, he tries to stab it in the heart. The third pig being its ancestor...

Grandmama on a giant pestle appears, falling from sky.  She is grievously injured and is barely able to speak.  She tries to warn them of the Heart and Clubs. She warns us of the coming danger.  Somehow, despite the distance they have made since running from their enemies, Clubs close in their location.  Everyone is now in danger!

People panic. Vera tells people there is only one thing to do.  Father agrees and asks Vera for the plan.   Instead of just telling them what to do, however, she admits the best is to follow what Ilya says.  Ilya decides the best thing to do is to head for the far distant mountains.  Some choose to join them. Vera smiles inwardly, knowing now they now have a house and servants.

Geoff speaks to the Dwarves, asking them to decide on what they will do. He reminds them of his promise to them. He revisits those in the well and admits having killed the mother, an act she had him do, and promises to watch over them.

Ilya goes to visit Bob's well, but finds Jack back there. Bob is now Ace, of Clubs. He's been transformed too.  Not the kind of circumstances that would lead to having tea, nor a drink with jam and bread.

But things are never simple here in this red and pleasant land.

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