Thursday, December 1, 2016

Doll and Advanced Doll now available in Italian!

Just got word that Dreamlord Press has released Italian translations of Josh Jordan's Doll as well as Advanced Doll, the expansion I wrote up for it!  Whooo hoooo!   First saw the post here.

(Pardon the rough translation that follows.  This was a Google Translated version of the article in their website)

From Dreamlord Press

From today, available on our website!

Thanks to a team of passionate, here's the Italian version of doll, game of narration of Josh T. Jordan.
After appearing in our catalogue shared with narrattiva and coyote press like game tribute in his basic version, we put it to the full version, epub and PDF format.
Doll - Doll is a game of narration for two. A player plays a child which has just died the pet. The other player's impersonating the doll, the puppet or another game of the child. The doll knows everything, but not always tells the truth. During the game, the child will try to find out the truth about their parents: will they be good or bad? 
Advanced Doll is a supplement for Doll. This supplement adds rules for additional players, further events for guiidare your story through another 20 minutes of play, and many additional rules how the co-Author, Tobie Abad, managed to squeeze in.
Giulia Cursi Daniele Di Rubbo Antonio Amato Josh Jordan Tobie Abad Ghibaudo Mauro

Advanced Doll was one of the first things I ever tried writing in any formal or professional level for the role-playing and storygaming community.  I'm very happy to see it still getting some attention.  Thank you so much!

Visit their website at

Grab the game here:

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