Friday, June 12, 2015

Game Chef 2015 idea #01

A group of teenagers once signed a release form to join Dream Island, a reality show where each contestant is given one full year to reach for his dreams no matter what they were supposed to be.  But something must have happened outside the island because all the cameras have gone still, and the show may have been abandoned.  The contestants may have been abandoned.  One contestant has been tracking the days and has just informed the others that 400 days have already passed and still no one has come to tell them the show is done.  No one at all.

The players are the Dragonflies.
The audience watching the still ongoing show, which is less about reaching for ones' dreams and more about seeing what a group of teenagers will do when they believe the world around them is gone and they are the only one's left.  Each player can monitor the island using their mobile multi-sensory drone cameras (nicknamed Dragonflies) to observe other contestants and prod them to do things.  Ultimately, each player wants a certain contestant to win.

Because in this reality show, the Audience is far from indifferent.

The Dragonfly robot in flight (Indiegogo) [Image taken from Yahoo![

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