Tuesday, June 2, 2015

GM Seminar #4: Always Play Your True Self

Rocky gave a talk on how we always eventually play our truest self in role-playing games during the fourth GM Seminar.  I will admit, I was very proud to see him in front of everyone as he gave his insight and sharing on gaming and how it can be quite revealing in more ways than expected for a player.  

The video is still being prepped, but in the mean time, you might wanna check out his Sway slides for the presentation which can be found in the following link:   https://sway.com/gA6HKRyw8c-yJSRX

We have exciting plans for the month of July and we are eager to share more insight and thoughts on the hobby.  Maybe even someday creating a gaming focused event for everyone to check out?  

photo by Ayeda, Makati B&B

Other topics that day included the following:

Rayray gave a wonderful introductory talk on Shadowrun 5ed and even had us all have mock character sheets and gave an idea on how the systems work.

Lawrence talked once more about The 13th Age and why he loves it so much.

BJ shared the many shades of being a Rules Lawyer and how being more Judge than Lawyer is effective.

And finally, Marc, Mon and I invited people to submit possible setting/game ideas, and then with the audience's participation, we prepped a FATE game for it.

Special mentions: the Great Old One Adrian, his daughter Gia, and our good friend Erich, showed up and took part in the talk (and Erich also won in the FATE contest with his Gastronauts concept).
Sadly, we ended a bit too late for me to throw a free session of Parsley.  Maybe next time.  Given the plans for July, it is a tad sad that there is no June.  However, I will admit I am anxious to give another talk soon. Maybe about the different Indie Games one can play.  Or maybe about the many things you can do instead of kill a player-character (which connects to why I don't really grasp the fun of TPKing a group).  

Felt pretty proud of Rocky, watching him catch people off-guard on how many systems he had explored despite only getting into gaming last 2009.  And there will always be more gaming to come! 

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