Wednesday, October 28, 2015

12 new games update and HorrOctober update!

So I finally got to run a session of Dread for the HorrOctober mini-convention we held and boy, was that a blast of an experience.  I wonder if I should share the audio file of that game session (I probably need to get permission from all the players) but man, it was definitely such a rush of an experience.    That, plus the Mouseguard D&D session I ran brings my total list to 11!  One game to go!  Although the RomCom game I ran was a homebrewed one, I guess I shouldn't count it yet until I write it out to have its own system.

I also gave a talk on How to Host Horror, and while the original slides were around 68MB huge, I had to trim it down to the basics for an online release.  You can find it here in case you'd want to check them out:  The Garapata Repository  

So yeah down to one last game for 2015's 12 New Games for the Year.

The current tally includes:
1) End Of the World
2) Don't Rest Your Head
3) Fiasco: Bad Timing
4) Ryuutama
5) Roll20: Dungeon World
6) Bliss Stage
7) Companions
8) A Red and Pleasant Land
9) Apocalypse World
10) Dungeons and Dragons, 5e
11) Dread

I have a Saturday horror game scheduled up with two players and Rocky. Maybe that's the perfect time to have one last new system.   Or maybe it is time to dive back for a moment into the World of Darkness.

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