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The Wardens ep06 : DC Heroes

The Wardens
Episode Six
"Victorious - Part III of The Quest"

Mayfair Games' DC Heroes

The city is in chaos.  The private jet that Conrad has acquired brings the team closer to New York.  Smoke pillars towards the sky. Fire and destruction are spread out, the aftermath of the fallen debris from the Spire.  Fangirl reports to the team that a second volley of debris is still on its way.  Emergency services are taxed out.  The Wardens have to help in any way they can.  With the help of Apollo, Conrad successfully lands the plane down one of the highways given Logan International Airport is shut down from the devastation.   As the group considers their options, somewhere else in the city, Buzz already moves to help those he can after having run all the way from Port City.

The destruction of the Spire was the aftermath, however, of another ongoing story: Trace reuniting with members of her alien race.  She finds herself among bounty hunters who are anxious to bring her to meet her brother, whom they claim rules the universe.  They travel across the galaxies to bring her home to a dark planet which is ruled by V'ktor qi Mthkhala, her brother, who supposedly controls day and night itself.  She witnesses a planet bowing to his every desire, and is told that she is to be new ruler, given the death of their father.

Back on Earth, rescue attempts are made to save people caught in the cataclysmic events.  While Medea, Buzz, Apollo and El Teniente do what they can to help the people around them, Reliquary finds himself in an odd position when he learns that Savior himself is unable to help.  Some form of trauma hinders Nathan Keller and this insecurity is what has caused Savior to appear as fragile and old and weak.  Reliquary learns Savior recognizes him from the prison camps, a memory he did not want to recover, and using his empathetic abilities, guides Nathan and Savior's emotions to work together to empower him once more.  Savior, it seems, is a emotion-fueled construct that Nathan Keller manifests!  Diva enlists Reliquary to remain at the medical camps, not to heal the injured people as there are far too many of them coming in, but to emotionally-boost the rescue teams and emergency services volunteers who are most likely feeling emotionally drained by the horrific aftermath.

When Apollo and Buzz learn of a falling commercial airplane, however, they find themselves forming an unlikely team-up with Mason Armstrong himself, who uses an experimental hover platform to help them evacuate the plane's passengers to safety.  During this, El Teniente finds himself drawn to a battle against a living mountain that calls itself Vicious.  The giant, it turns out, is one of the Quests the Lady of the Water demands El Teniente best.  

Trace wants nothing to do with her family legacy, and when she returns to the bounty hunters learns that they can bring her to Starborn, a being of immense power, whom they claim was born before the birth of the Universe.  Helmsman D'narr and J'son act as her guides as they travel to meet Starborn himself.  Trace even learns that J'son once had a human lover, a woman named Consy.  She was a woman dressed in armor and lost against the Starborn.

During the plane rescue, Fangirl's communications to Apollo begin to take an odder direction.  She talks about hoping Apollo can save the plane and that once done he is to head to her coordinates to try and save whoever is left in her area.   Buzz uses tiny versions of himself to plug the broken wing temporarily while Apollo interfaces with the airplane itself to stabilize its flight.  Mason risks his own life, piloting the platform, to ferry the passengers and crew to safety.  Once done, Apollo rushes to the location Fangirl was transmitting only to find a burning building, and at the top, a dead woman who had strapped herself against the outer railings, still clutching a whimpering dog in her arms.  He rescues the dog and laments on the loss of Fangirl.

El Teniente fights a valiant fight against Vicious, one that was imperiled when he discovers the monstrosity is armed with the Gauntlets that are meant to be part of his armor.  When he wrests control of them, however, the tide quickly turns and Vicious is beaten into submission.  El Teniente reclaims the Gauntlets, fulfilling his Quest, and learns that the items "call" to each other.   He still feels uncertain about serving the Lady, however, ever since he learned she is actually imprisoned. The Quest is over but deep down, El Teniente feels today is but the beginning of him demanding to know more about this Legacy he upholds.

As the group eventually gathers, the topic becomes their missing teammate, Trace.  Savior and Diva confirm that her last known whereabouts were with The Question at the Spire.  Information suddenly is given to them by Fangirl, who informs them of coordinates, trajectory projections and theoretical star maps on where the alien vessel housing Trace was last seen headed.  Shocked by this given his knowledge of Fangirl's demise, Apollo counter-hacks to track the signal back and download what he can.  He discovers the source of the transmission is ArmsCorp itself!

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