Sunday, December 6, 2020

Happy Holidays to Solo Boardgamers Philippines!

Was very happy to help spread the joy of tabletop gaming and Christmas cheer this year by giving away free copies of a number of TAG Sessions games in the 2020 Virtual Christmas Party for the Solo Boardgamers Philippines group.

With over 50 attendees, it was quite a wonderful treat to know that gaming is alive and well despite the current pandemic.  I was honestly happy to give some games out as it was my desire to see more people find ways to cope with the stresses of the lockdowns.  It is quite possible that for many, the pdfs might be their first steps towards trying tabletop role-playing games and I am very happy to help them explore that new geekdom.  

I want to extend further thanks to my TAG TEAM SUPPORTERS:  Rocky, Hello, Mirai, and Tanya for always being there to help support these engagements!  Thanks to you three, over 50 people now have copies of my games for free!  

Here's hoping that they all enjoy it (or if not, pass it on to someone else who might!)  Gaming keeps us going!  Happy Holidays!

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