Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Played a session of Parsely #6: Pumpkin Town

While hanging out with our friends online after an episode of Baduy Pride, we decided to try playing something that can accommodate a lot of players at the same time.  I took this as a chance to introduce to them Memento Mori Theatricks' Parsley games.  In particular, after naming the different games out there, they chose Pumpkin Town! 

These games are designed to emulate the old text adventure parser games from the 1980s. One person, in this case, me, plays the computer, while everyone else tries to figure out the commands and actions needed to go through the adventure.  It was quite fun, although at some point we opted to "save" the game and switch to a different one. But it was definitely an experience! 

Thank you for playing!


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