Saturday, December 19, 2020

Made it! 2020's 12 New Games completed!

 Was getting worried some time back if I would be able to still complete my 12 New Games Each Year challenge this 2020. It was bad enough that I've been forced to withdraw from lots of communities I was happily part of, but there was the added challenge then of the pandemic itself making everything quite a mess.

Thankfully, however, we were still able to find ways to hit the mark and this year seems like it will end with 13 games hit, instead of just 12!

12 New Games this 2020

1) Praxis: Black Sun - Sunrise End

2) Protocol: Dinner Guests
3) Protocol: Chebyshev Function
4) Maze Rats
5) Dreams of the Aquarium
6) Trinity Continuum
7) Eldritch High
8) Jim Henson's Labyrinth: The Adventure Game
9) Takipsilim playtest
10) Night's Black Agents
Parsley: Pumpkin Town
12) Root the RPG
13) Legend of the Elements

I'm very happy that I was still able to achieve this personal goal despite all the events that could have complicated things.  I still am hoping to finish and release a game this year and I still am happy that other people are either discovering tabletop rpgs for the very first time  or expanding on their roster of experiences 
through us. It is always quite an honest joy to help out the community even in no matter how small a way.

Thank you all for playing.
Here's to a better year in 2021.

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