Friday, December 4, 2020

We played ROOT the Tabletop Roleplaying Game!

Our usual Pendragon Campaign had to be rescheduled for now due to adulting reasons, so we decided to take a dive into another game to make the most of the time.  After spending some time to look at our options, we realized we could use this opportunity as a 12 New Games item for me.  So I checked if the rest of the group would be interested in playing, Root The Tabletop Roleplaying Game.

Oh man, ROOT was such a treat.

The way it uses the engine Powered by the Apocalypse is just amazing. It is kind of frustrating that in the Quickstart only Vagabonds are available, but even there its quite exciting seeing how the system works and makes each one unique.  The use of the boardgame's map itself as a prop was super fun too! And we we liked having fun injecting information from the boardgame experience into the game itself.

The three played Vagabonds who found themselves in the center of the Eyrie attempting to suffocate a Cat dominated clearing by cutting off its supply chains. But after some hilarious moments with the Riverfolk and some odd dealings with the Lizard Cult, the three soon learned they best helped the Woodland Alliance to bring some level of control in the region. With their help, the Mouse territories rose up and shattered all chains binding them to other factions.
Freedom is within reach.

Some examples:

"The Eyrie are traditionalists. They can be predictable. And we can use that to our advantage!"

"The Woodland Alliance cannot take all three regions at once. Only one region per faction would heed their calls."

"We're here merely to welcome you to our faith. The Cult does not join politics."

"Don't trust them. They might seem harmless but that's because they prefer to move at Night. Shall we meet come tomorrow's Birdsong?"

And best of all, this game was the game that allowed me to finally hit the 12 New Games a Year challenge this year!  Whooo hooO!  I was so scared that this year would be a failure.  Thankfully, friends were there to help usher us across the finish line.

Keep playing!


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