Sunday, July 12, 2015

So I didn't make it to the final cut

My entry to Game Chef 2015 didn't make the final cut.  But it was definitely an experience I plan to repeat in the years to come.  The creative challenge was invigorating and while I feel a bit sad my entry didn't make it to the finals, I still feel pretty psyched with the feedback I received.

I'm thinking now of at least releasing my work somehow on Drivethrurpg or something. I am not sure how yet, but it definitely feels like it needs to be born.

Congratulations to the finalists!

The finalists are:
Dragon, Fly by Paul Beakley
Dragonfly Brewing Company by Michael Wenman
Dreams of Dragonflies by D.X. Logan
Far Away From Home by Aleksandra Samonek
Good Night Fairy Theatre by Emily Griggs
ISP Dragonfly by Kevin Omans
Sisters of the Hive by Jordan Saxby
Stay, Still by Heather Silsbee
Tea Ceremony by Niamh Schönherr
The Long Sleep by Bill Templeton
Wings by David Rothfeder

See you again next year.

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