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The Wardens ep01 : DC Heroes

The Wardens

Episode One
"Growing Interest"

Mayfair Games' DC Heroes

Five new superheroes have emerged and have taken the role of guardians of Port City.  Though clearly young and not as experienced, the people are starting to be thankful that there are wardens watching over them.

Apollo, Benjamin Wilder currently known as Ben Frank. (Played by Erich)
Originally from the Commonwealth of Sol, from the future, the young lad slipped into the past while investigating a tech-thief on Moonbase V when a former schoolmate named Mason Armstrong activated an illegal time machine.  Now in the present, Ben uses the remnants of his Apollo Suit, his Higgs-Boson Flight Ring, futuretech he has cobbled up to become Apollo, the time colonist of Port City.

Reliquary, Hadrian Fauntleroy. (Played by Mahar)
Perpetually locked at a physical age of sixteen, Hadrian is an immortal.  From what was hoped to be a cure for lung rot, Hadrian and his master used the fragments of a fallen meteor to create an alchemical concoction but upon ingesting it, the mixture worked only for the young lad.  In the modern day, Hadrian owns the Forever Foundation and uses the money there to finance the group as well as help children with scholarships and other means.

Trace, T'kara qi Mthkhala currently known as Tara White.  (Played by Rachel)
Originally from the planet Mthrsyn, T'kara was accidentally changed by the survival pod she was inside when she was shunted away from her war-torn world.  The Afrokator genes within her have given her strange remote-sensing and teleportation powers, and while her adoptive human parents seemingly do not know of her alien heritage, they are more unaware of her exploits as Trace.

Buzz, The Human Swarm, Shin Takenoko. (Played by Urim)
Hailing from a family of superheroes, Shin's father Makoto was the legendarily swift Tsunami and his mother, Yuuki, was the terrifyingly strong monster-mistress Kaiju.  But since their disappearance three years ago, Shin has taken the responsibility and role of Port City's yellow-blue hero - much to his older brother Ren's dismay.  

El Teniente, Diego Fraco. (Played by Rocky)
Led by visions of the Lady, a mysterious cosmic entity who has been inadvertently perpetuating the Arthurian proto-myth over the years, Diego has been selected to be her champion and knight of justice.   Using the artifacts he has gained through quests, he fights crime and defends the weak as the armored El Teniente.

The story opens with a bank robbery in progress.  The team, gathered by the mysterious Fangirl who once alerted all the heroes to a burning building nearby, arrive at the rooftop nearby to assess the situation.  They see the guards gathered outside the bank and plan their approach.   They learn of the 14 hostages inside, and with Trace's remote-sensing find an isolated room to quietly teleport inside.  Buzz swarms from the front, while the rest stealthily plan their targets.

Leading the robbery turns out to be a woman calling herself Mrs. Fields.  Armed with a strange gun that transmutes things it hits into cookie dough, Mrs. Fields and her Hunger Guns are no match for the group.

In the days that follow, Tara finds herself trying to sneak out of the house only to learn about an upcoming camping trip with her folks.  Hadrian explores the world of online dating and finds it an odd and strange place.  Shin struggles to find focus and study for an exam while his brother berates him for doing the "super hero thing" wrong.  Diego nearly forgets to pick up his younger brother from school, who as it turns out has gotten into trouble for idolizing El Teniente.  And Ben searches for any information on his ancestors online but in the process finds himself meeting a reporter who turns out to be dating Mason Armstrong himself.

The group gathers once again when news of an escape attempt at the prison reaches them.  The police have been forced outside of the precinct by armed men accompanying a bald man with a monocle and a suit.  While Buzz and El Teniente knock down the armed men, Trace and Reliquary pull back the injured police men to safety.  Apollo, flying overhead, attempts to tap into the prison's camera system to see what is going on inside.  The bald man has found Mrs. Fields, and the man, they learn, calls himself Mister Peanut.  After a kiss, he somehow transforms into a massive hulking form of muscle and anger and tears open the prison to help Mrs. Fields escape!

Buzz and El Teniente arrive in time to face off against the hulking form.  But his immense strength proves to be too dangerous.  When Mister Peanut tears through the roof to leap into the air, Trace is forced to teleport him away from everyone else in an attempt to gain control of the situation.  Apollo tries to follow Mrs. Fields and finds her headed towards a black car in an alleyway.  There, a man with a mirror-ball like head shoots Mrs. Fields in the chest and seemingly kills her.  Where the old woman stood, a young girl lies on the ground.  Trace pulls the giant back to the combat zone, and Hadrian uses his immense empathic powers to shut the giant down with happiness and calm.   While Buzz and El Teniente move to check if any other policemen are in need of help, Apollo tries to send a tracer after the stranger.  However, the stranger uses his own version of futuretech to trap Apollo to the ground by diverting the gravity around him and pinning him to the gravel.

In the police site, Mason Armstrong arrives with a host of emergency services personnel.  The injured policemen are quickly assisted and the media approaches Armstrong, asking if the threat is over.  He addresses the media, referring to the young group of heroes as the Wardens and thanks them for being the city's defenders.  They hold the body of the young dead girl in their arms and swear to find justice.   Apollo pockets the tiny "cookie" buttons and considers finding the time the study them further.  If anything, what bothers him the most is how the futuretech he has seen has an old insignia which reminds him of the mark his old schoolmate used to use back in the future.

He realizes Mason Armstrong is indeed his old school friend.  But what role he has in relation to these villains remains to be seen.

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