Thursday, June 20, 2013

Girls Elsewhere! is coming!

I am so psyched for the upcoming expansion book for Josh Jordan's Heroine RPG.
The book is called Girls Elsewhere and I was fortunate enough to be one of the contributors for the book!  Josh actually mentioned me in the podcast interview you can find here:

After playtesting and supporting so many projects before, this could be my first official contribution that will see publication!  Here's hoping this is one of the baby steps forward to me someday actually releasing for publication my own RPG systems.  So far, there's a bunch of positive responses for my other mini-game creations (Everything from the Bleach inspired game Black/White, to the Studio Ghibli inspired Neko Yume/Cat Dreams game, Kumiho which is the Korean Drama rpg, heck even a Survivor rpg and an Adventure time RPG!) so I really should stop worrying and just write and release my darned games already.


Thanks for believing in me, Josh.

Check out the cool game, Heroine, and purchase it at drivethrurpg today!
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