Saturday, June 1, 2013

June Begins

When I first started this blog, I had no idea if people would care to read the stuff I have in it.  To be honest, I wasn't really sure if people would even check this place out, given there are so many more awesome sites out there.

So now I'm pretty grateful to know that there are people who do enjoy reading my stuff.  And it feels really nice to see how some of my entries and articles have even encouraged discussions.

As to my Twelve New Systems for 2013.
Games I've Run:
Houses of the Blooded: Wilderness
Our Best Last Hope
Blood and Honor
The Aegis Project
Wilderness of Mirrors
Castle Falkenstein
Dungeon World

Games I have played in:
Shadows of Esteren
Rocky's home-brewed The Gossamer Saga

And I am now literally just one game away from hitting my target 12!   Currently I have my eye on a number of possibilities.  There's InSpectres, which the Houses of the Blooded group are interested in diving into now that The Riddle of Blood has come to an end (The final episode should be released in a week or two in the blog).  There's the God Machine Saga, which uses an updated rules set for the new World of Darkness System (although some might say I'm already using that rules set for The Umbra Group, so I dunno if that should count).  There's The Mountain Witch, which definitely has tickled my fancy.  With Fate (and more importantly, Fate Accelerated Edition) coming out, there's the desire to run games using that system too - given how Fate was a huge inspiration for the Houses of the Blooded system which John Wick used.  And finally, you have games like Leverage, Dr. Who, Itras By and eventually Exalted 3rd Edition which I would love to get my storytelling chops at.

(Note: I just realized, I will have to go through my whole blog and add new tags for all the game sessions.  I realize I want an easy way to "load up" all the episodes of a specific game chronicle.  The Game Session page, it seems, will have to be redone.)

I've gotten in touch with a few new faces, and have started sharing the joys I feel for certain game systems with them.    It always feels great to know more people are appreciating the fun of a table-top pen and paper game.

There was talk of an upcoming virtual convention and I was tempted to apply as a game master (to run games via Hangouts or Roll20 or something, but admittedly, I chickened out.  I guess I just still have my anxiety pangs whenever it deals with other people.

Oh, and there's this book: Cartooner, which I have become a Proofreader for (Yay! My first "official" published work in the industry) after being asked to review it.  The English was in a bad state, that I quickly offered to correct it for free, just to help see this project through.  (Now, it has gotten some reviews such as this: "I should note that I played the English language version of this game and found the manual easy to understand. So if the fact that this is a translation of an Italian game is putting you off, then I can only suggest you get over your fears and go and get yourself a carrot and a few friends – you won’t regret it." So I feel pretty awesome.  Prior to this, the most I ever got to being in a book was as part of the Playtester teams for certain games.

I have yet to complete my own book projects, and it really felt good to see John Wick, Eloy Lasanta and other friends chiming in on how I should just go for it and stop worrying about how others will receive it.

So yeah, I'll keep at it.  And here's hoping you readers of this blog will be willing to support it, once I finally let it out.
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