Monday, June 24, 2013

Hitting my Twelve Game Target!

So I made a promise to run or at least try playing twelve new systems this 2013.  As I mentioned in this post,  the idea of this being I discover one new system for each month.  I realize now that I've definitely achieved this goal far faster than expected.

My list as of June has already exceeded my twelve game target!  And boy what a mix of games it is.  We got a lot of old stuff, a bunch of new ones, and a few story-focused games which really opened my eyes to how much more options for fun exist in role-playing games.   

Games I've Run:
Houses of the Blooded: Wilderness
Our Best Last Hope
Blood and Honor
The Aegis Project
Wilderness of Mirrors
Castle Falkenstein
Dungeon World
World of Darkness: The God Machine Chronicle
Fate Accelerated Edition
Monster Hearts

Games I have played in:
Shadows of Esteren
Rocky's home-brewed The Gossamer Saga

So yeah, I am feeling pretty awesome about this.   I am wondering if I should make this a yearly habit.  Although that might make me feel like "not touching" certain games until the next year comes along, which of course is not a good idea.

But yeah it feels great having explored all these games and there's no denying the insight and ideas one can find in the various systems which can be used to enhance each other.  I only hope more people try doing something like this as well.  

And here's to even more games to come!
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