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Falling Ishtar e02 : Dungeon World

Falling Ishtar
Episode Two

"The Adventurer Five"

Dungeon World
Urim joins the Sunday Group to take part in the Dungeon World sessions.   And his addition to the game is accomplished with so much ease that I find it very hard to fault the beauty of the Dungeon World system. Bonds are updated, of course, now to reflect the new dynamics of the group with the addition of Urim and Rocky's characters to the game (Rocky was not present in the first game session due to family affairs.)  Interestingly, both found the system perfect for adding concepts which had inspirations from the very popular webcomic, Order of the Stick.  So with that, Rocky introduced his Dwarven Cleric Bjorn who worships the deity called Bob, the God of Stone.  Urim, on the other hand, goes for a Fighter named Hob and is best friends with the Dwarf.
Here's the updated list of characters:

Gil Willowisp - Elf Ranger, cape, wild purple eyes, silver hair. Left the “Homeland” to travel and experience the world. Keep getting thrown out for causing trouble and breaking rules. Don’t believe in others imposing on them. Has a Hawk (Illiure - Ill You Ray). Chaotic (free things caught in bondage)

Guided Hob before, and owes me for it.
Guided Melisande before, and owes me for it.
Melisande may be drunk with power. I will remind her of her place.
Cairre does not understand the wild, I will teach him.
Cairee has a lot on his plate, so I will help him cope.
Doom will befall the world, so I must convince Bridgette of the danger.
Bjorn has no respect for nature, so I have no respect for him.

Hob - Human Fighter, hard eyes shorn hair, tanned skin, built body. Seeking adventure. Neutral (Defeat a worthy opponent.)

Melisande Dragonsinger owes me her life, whether she admits it or not.
I have sworn to protect Bjorn (i like his God).
I worry about the ability of Cairre to survive.
Gil is soft, but I will make him hard.

Bjorn - Dwarven Cleric of Bob. Kind eyes, bald, common garb, thin body. Spread the word of Bob. Lawful (Endanger yourself, follow the precepts of your Church “Stop what lies beneath”)

Cairre is good and a faithful person. I trust him explicitly.
Melisande is in constant danger. I will keep her safe.
I am working on converting Hob to my faith.
Gil has insulted my deity. I don’t trust him.

Cairre (Kyer) - Wizard Apprentice, formerly under Roderick (an evil Wizard, creepy body, old: wanted to use magic to conquer the world), magic is commonly known but not commonly practice. Inherited Roderick’s things. Kidnapped from family.

Gil will play important role in events to come.
Melisande is keeping an important secret from me.
Melisande does not understand the world.
Hob is always getting into trouble, so will have to protect him.
I have to find Adon, to convince him to train me.
Bjorn seems like a strong warrior, but I don’t trust his magic.

Melisande - Elf Bard, Chaotic (spurring others to decisive action) Followed Gil from the “Homelands”. With Gil, rescued Cairre from Roderick to free him.

This is not my first adventure with Gil.
Cairre is often the butt of my jokes.
I am writing a ballad about the adventures of the Adventurer Five.
Bjorn trusted me with a secret: The dead creep me out.
Cairre does not trust you for good reason: You use magic to help him. Constantly.
I sang stories of Bob long before I met him.

The story continues a few months after the events of Episode One.  All of them, including the two new guys, have been living in Cairre's Tower (formerly Roderick the Black's tower) and sadly, that simple act has gained some repercussions in the form of someone from the Office of Accountancy of the City of Towers visiting them regarding taxes owed as well as the need for seven Spells of Defenses which Roderick used to cast on the city needing to be recast.   The Tower, it seems, was providing Protection Wards against Good, Evil, Lawful and Chaos powers... and if Roderick the Black's death was ever made known, ownership of the Tower would return to the City itself.  Bjorn tries to invite the accountant to the Church of Bob but learns most in the City of Towers are followers of the Church of Coin instead.  Bjorn bashes the hammer repeatedly in the area, using the pounding to intone to the God Bob to detect Evil in the area.

Cairre tries to identify the magical ring which Gil had found, but fails to discern more than just it being magical in origin.  Melisande recognizes it, however, as one of the missing Rings of Legend, the only Lawful Ring that exists:  The Ring of Patterns.  A ring used by architects of the ancient times and allows the bearer to see order in all things.  How useful that would be remains to be seen.

The group decides then to visit the Questing House to find small jobs that can help them earn some coin.  While there, Bjorn, Hob and Cairre find an old woman who turns out to have been once wed to a Dwarf of Bob.  While they try to sell some of the jewels and crystals which Cairre had found in the tower, Melisande notices a group of four elves who seem adamant in visiting the Ruins of Gonol - excited at the prospect of facing off against a Dragon.    She offers them four days worth of lessons on how to use the sword, and the four elves readily agree to pay sixty coins each for each day of training.

Gil chooses instead to head to the Necropolis to see if the Paladin, Bridgette, was still there.  He was curious on whether or not she had encountered any trouble with her father's ashes.  Thankfully, Roderick's ashes remain inert - a fact which gives Gil some peace given the visions the Green Dragon had given him - and show no signs of having been enchanted in any way.  As they walk back towards the Questing House, it becomes apparent to Gil that Bridgette did not realize he was an elf!  She hints at some racist tendencies as she complains about the four elves and Melisande.  

While Melisande busies herself with the four elves, who turn out to be extremely young, unfamiliar with human norms, and have actually murdered a few of the City Guard to get into the city, the others return to the Tower to busy themselves with smaller duties.  Gil takes on a few small errand tasks, delivering goods around the city for some coin.  Cairre plans to visit the Office of Accountancy with the first day's worth of coin Melisande had acquired (plus the coins she gained from selling the jewels) to pay the taxes, but for now opts to purchase groceries for the later meal.  Bjorn and Hob however are excited by the prospect of the dragon as well, and futilely attempt to persuade the others to revisit the Ruins of Gonol.  Hob challenges Cairre to a fight to determine if they will go, a fight Cairre very quickly wins with a single casting of Magic Missile.

A great meal is made at home, with Bridgette joining the group for some laughs, food and ale.  She gets roaring drunk and in her drunken state makes her racist tendencies even more apparent, as well as what seems to be a hidden fondness for Gil.

Melisande rents a house in the slums area and sets it up to train the elves in secret there.  She discovers these young elves are frighteningly embodiments of Fighters, who have no expectations of needing to rest between workouts.  The four days of work, Melisande realizes, were understood by the elves to mean four straight days worth of training.  They complain when Melisande asks for time to rest and sleep.  Melisande ends up hiring some young kids outside to deliver messages, buy groceries and the like, and soon begins to note the promise shown by one particular child, Cedric, who seems to be the most mature and focused of the uneducated bunch.  She sends Cedric to the Tower a few times to deliver messages, and they are exchanged well (with Cairre sending back food a few times).

Gil, however, discovers some kind of plague spreading while outside the City of Tower's walls as some people in the rural countryside seem to be besieged by  some strange malady.  He hurries back to the City to warn the others but finds the gates shut closed, as the guards have been instructed NOT to allow anyone in or out of the city.  Gil sends Illuire to call for help and help does come in the form of Bjorn and Hob, and when the standoff leads to an exchange of blows, Bjorn's hammer breaks the chains that keep the portcullis shut, Gil's agility allows him to traverse the gates, and Hob's strength stops the incoming charge of a carriage.  However, the three realize whatever is causing the people to get sick might have now found its way into the city.

Cairre learns from the Office that the Lord of the Banner and Duke of the Towers, Duke Thomin, actually watches over the city using magical means, and one of the enchantments Roderick the Black had in place was the ability for the Duke to gaze upon any point in the City and sense if the target of his sight is speaking the truth.  Cairre notices that Melisande's image has been raised as someone who has begun a business without a permit, and decides he has to inform her of this as soon as possible.

People fail to reach each other in time, and Cairre finds himself caught up with looking for Melisande that he encounters instead the angry mother of the four Elves who pays him to end the contract.  The ancient seems fascinated by Cairre though, sensing something different about him.

Melisande arrives at the Tower with Cedric to see a small imp like thing attempting to steal a glass orb filled with smoke.  Though Melisande kills the thing with her rapier, the thing drops something which spreads out like a black shadow across the ground, consuming most of the upper level of the tower!  Cedric and Melisande rush out of the tower, fearing it will collapse, but it doesn't.  And when Bjorn and the others arrive, they all head back up to check and discover the upper level has been "swallowed up" by the darkness.  While Bjorn prays to the stone for guidance, the others wait for Cairre to return to tell him the bad news.  An explosion of light dances upon the skyline, covering the City with a magical protection.  Cairre returns and learns of the mishap upstairs and they realize Cedric is missing!  Cedric, it turns out, leapt into the darkness to check it out.. and has discovered it is a Portable Hole!

Inside, three storeys deep of treasure and artifacts await! Cedric clambers out of the hole and suggests the others dive in to explore it with him.  Cairre worries about who cast the ward over the City, as the ward is a magical protection against Dragons.  He is not aware that Adon, the Archmagus, is actually present.  What he does ponder on, is why the city would need a ward against dragons active right now.  And why the city is closing its doors.

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