Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Oh Onyx...

So, this came on live...

And while I do feel excited about it, I feel miffed that this is getting ready and yet there is still no clear sign of Exalted 3rd edition will be giving me more than just updates anytime soon.  I understand the reasons for the delays, but I just feel frustrated that I've already shelled out a lot for a book that's not coming around anytime soon, and I now can't get this upcoming cool book cause my funds were devoted to a project that can't offer me a download of 99% of the text the way this one has... on its first day on Kickstarter.

I just feel frustrated.

I really want to support the Onyx Path.
But I am starting to wonder if my money on Exalted is going anywhere.

I wish they'd at least give us backers more than just them updates.
Other projects I backed sent earlier drafts of pdfs.  Others even sent text documents for backers to help proofread, etc.  And from the Exalted kickstarter?  I've gotten a piece of artwork.

So, will I back the Demon Kickstarter?  I might.  I dunno yet.  Maybe.
With a chuck of my funds redirected to help those struck by the typhoon, I might have to pass on this for now.  Here's hoping those who DO support it don't feel as shafted as I do about the lack of Exalted updates beyond just... words.

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