Friday, November 29, 2013

Vampire 30-Day Challenge : Favorite Entity Over-all

Vampire 30-Day Challenge : Favorite Entity Over-all

Given the whole foray of various World of Darkness things out there that stalk mortals and seek to accomplish their own goals, if I had only one single entity to choose in the entire World of Darkness line, it would unfortunately be something that is not part of the Vampire the Masquerade line.  Instead, it is the darker opposition that exists in every Wraith: The Oblivion game:  The Shadow.

The Shadow is the literal darker half of every living being that existed, given strength and sentience when a mortal dies and finds himself trapped in the Shadowlands as a ghost among the Quick.  The Shadow is the side of you that you never wanted to face.  The Shadow is the part of you that you wished did not exist.  The Shadow whispers, screams, demands, pleads, seduces, tricks, depending on what archetype it is and worst of all, the Shadow cannot be severed from you for the better.  It can, however, eventually untangle itself from you, and with its full autonomy devote itself into making your life an even greater living hell.

And the best part?

The Shadow is meant to be portrayed by another player at the table.  In our few Wraith games, those who portrayed the shadow had a mask to hold up and wear when they spoke at it, so it was very clear to all those concerned if the Shadow was whispering at that time.  Man, the Shadow even had these awesome powers (called Thorns) which allowed the Shadow-player to literally throw temptation and lures at the other player.  These ranged from information, to extra dice, to new powers.


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