Monday, November 25, 2013

Vampire 30-Day Challenge : Favorite Other Entity (Changeling)

Vampire 30-Day Challenge : Favorite Other Entity (Changeling)

Now this is a challenge.   While in the other entries it was more of "who do I remember?" for Changeling it more a matter of who do I choose?  I loved the Changeling line so much for the characters and personalities they offered and I have to admit this question is hard for me to decide upon.   Given the need to give an answer, I will cheat and name the ones I loved in no-particular order.

Queen Mab
Oh you glamour-filled bitch.  I loved how you were such a force to be reckoned with in Changeling the Dreaming.  I loved how you watched over the Kingdom of Apples, even with Goblin Town there in its shadow.  And I love how you cared for David, regardless of how things were, and more so even after he chose an Eiluned wife and vanished.

David Ardry
A true tragic hero, with a sword that sought him out like a loyal dog.  David was wonderfully written to have just enough dimension for a Storyteller to develop into a great character.  His love for his wife, Faerylith, was commendable, and his tragic destiny under King Meilge's plan was just... such an experience to uncover as a player.

King Meilge
A fantastic villain worthy to spar with the Oathcircle.  The power of his Mask and the depth of his deception was a delicious threat to throw at the players.  His ambition was wonderfully matched with his pride and in the end, I love how his care for faerylith could lead to his undoing.

And finally, Duke Dray.
Love him.
So much.
Once I had him always quoting songs for multiple sessions.  The players thought it was some in-joke that I was doing.

Then on the following session, I sprung the reason:  the songs were an extended bunk to affect another character in the game who was the singer of the songs.  Yeah, I loved portraying his over-the-top villain antics as silly yet purposeful.

Duke Dray.
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