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The Company 3rd Song ep02 : Dungeon World : Roll20

The Company, 3rd Song

Episode Two
"The Package"

The Company continue their journey to Donir, and after a few days of safe travel, find the town within sight.  To their horror, the city shows signs of having been attacked.  Much of its walls and homes are in states of devastation.    People all over show various states of injury.  Smoke still bellows from many of the structures.  Bothered by the amount of suffering visible, Hollis and Liadan heads off to see whom he can help.  Gaius, Zig, and Brother Fabio focus on finding the contact person they were assigned to look for, Chaeron.  They find him in the sole standing fortified structure in the town, the same place where the Grand Library of the city would be found.  

Brother Fabio separates from the others to search for the tomes, hungry for any lost lore.  Zig and Gaius ask to speak with Chaeron and the guard on duty guides them to where he can be found. Chaeron's discussion with the two reveals an unexpected story: the town of Donir was actually allowed to fall during the battle.  The sole reason for such a sacrifice turns out to make Donir slip past the enemies' attentions while Chaeron awaited the delivery of what he only knew to be called The Package.  Neither Zig nor Gaius, however, recall being given any such package to deliver.  

As Hollis holds a small ceremony dedicated to Sona, the God of Healing, he is approached by many of the people who attend and thanked for his help.  Some speak excitedly of how their lives are to get better now that there is a Cleric in the town.  Others, however, are insightful enough to realize Hollis does not plan to stay long.  And simply thank him for at least bringing the people hope.

In the Library, however, Brother Fabio finds most of the tomes to be destroyed.  He walks around the destroyed library and laments the lost knowledge within.  Without warning, the temperature suddenly drops and through an open window, the Snow Witch arrives!  The two exchange blows, as they both question each other's presence in the chamber.

Chaeron and Gaius discuss the need to deliver the Package to the port city of Odonol, past the tunnels of Athgnor.  Gaius reveals the missive Liadan had been tasked to carry and upon opening it, they find it empty.  By heating it, however, the true message within is revealed.

The group realizes, Liadan herself is the Package.  The sounds of battle at the library soon reach the ears of the others, and they hurry to see what is going on.  Fabio forces the witch away, however, and as he stumbles back to meet with the others, another secret is revealed.  A statue he had walked past and leaned against suddenly moves as human tears drop from its eyes!

The group gathers to see the now living statue, a woman, who seems to be completely bewildered with what is happening all around her.  But the moment she turns to Gaius, however, she mutters, "You."  Somehow the statue-turned-woman recognizes him.  And somehow, he admits in time, he knows her too.

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