Friday, May 8, 2015

The Company 3rd Song ep01 : Dungeon World : Roll20

The Company, 3rd Song

Episode One
"The Mission"

In an attempt to get used to Roll20 more, I've started a campaign with Dungeon World as the game system.  As the third incarnation of my "Company" games, here the players are a company of men who are part of the war against the Nation of Sigurd.  

The cast is composed of:
Brother Fabio, a Lawful Cleric of Zanathar, the God of Knowledge, who was one of the youngest clerics of the order.  He was the childhood friend of Zig and desperately desires to unearth more secrets of the world's lost history.  Brother Fabio is played by Fabs.

Hollis is a Lawful Cleric of Sona, the God of Nature and Equality.  He sees the anguish and pain brought about by the war and hopes to find a way to resolve it sooner than later.  Hollis is played by Charles.

Gaius is the Neutral Fighter of the group, who was once a Gladiator Slave of the city of Angerona.  His signature weapon is Gardo, a bloody flail (Messy, Forceful, Spikes and Hooks).  He is played by JB.

Zig is the Neutral Thief with a mastery of using Serpent's Tear poison.  He grew up as a friend of Fabio and had stolen the tiny gem from Hollis' hat.  He is played by Jonas.

Liadan, Mage of the Blue Arch
The story begins with the four standing at the shores of the Sea Edge.  The war contingent of the Alliance had boarded the ships and were crossing the Inner Sea to take the battle to the shores of Sigurd.  The group, on the other hand, was tasked to escort a woman named Liadan to the City of Donir and ensure her safe arrival to the commanding officer, a man named Chaeron.  The group learns eventually that Liadan is a Mage of the Blue Arch, one of the Orders of Magic and that she does not know why the company has been tasked to watch over her.

Enroute, the group stumbles upon an ancient standing stone which brims with power.  While scouting ahead, Zig uncovers a Snow Witch laying in wait to ambush them!  The group fights against the shapeshifter, but the battle takes a deadly turn when the standing stone turns out to be the head of an animated golem that rises from the ground to attack the party.

It takes the group's combined efforts to force the golem down and though no one is grievously injured, the group is now absolutely certain that they're on their own.    The only sole happy moment is when Gaius finds an injured Flying Squirrel and take its under his care.   Zig, however, suspects the Squirrel might actually be the Witch in disguise.

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