Monday, November 9, 2020

2020 INDIE FIESTA has begun!

From the Indie Fiesta Facebook page:

It's Indie Fiesta tiiiiiiime! We'll be holding the event at online from Nov 9-15, 4-7pm GMT+8. Doors will open at exactly 4pm, and we'll post the link then! Tune in to the Indie Fiesta Twitter account @indiefiestaph and #IndieFiesta2020 for more info and real time updates! Hope to see you there!
Even more awesome is the poster created by the 9 Lives team!

From the 9 Lives Facebook:
Drop by on these dates to find these awesome Tabletop Games:
GERA operation: jungle storm: Nov 11
Takipsilim: The Untold Stories (by Project Tadhana and TEGR): Nov 11 and 12
Happy Ending Game: Nov 11 and 12
Friends or Fiends: Nov 11 and 12
XII: Nov 14 and 15
MODELS by TAG Sessions: Nov 11 and 12
NoSaDa by Gamescolar: Nov 15
9 Lives: Nov 11, 12, and 15

The event runs from Nov 9-15, 4-7pm.
Don't miss it!

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Attended day one so far and that was pretty fun!  I can't wait to meet more people and try more games!

On day one, I got to check out Josh's  ONE2FIVE, a math-based abstract game that's quite fun and fiendishly challenging, the LaroTayo! project which showcased a number of games inspired by Philippine street games, the project Idyll which featured a typing game mechanism to tell quite a deep and emotional story, and The Nam: Vietnam Combat Operations, which explored the Vietnam war with a strategy game approach and was quite a labor of love.

It was also lovely reconnecting with so many old friends. So many good memories.  Here's to the next few days of Indie Fiesta!

Come join the fun through this link:
Note that it may be closed if you try to visit outside of the Nov 9-15, 4pm to 7pm time range.

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