Sunday, November 29, 2020

MODELS targeting a 2020 release.... hopefully...

 2020 continues to be a huge challenge in staying creative and productive. The ideas are there, but the words aren't just flowing. The last few months have quite a constant struggle, but I am happy to share that the book is still alive and I've clocked in around 27k words so far. Hopefully, if all goes well, the book will be ready for release this December.

I sincerely want to thank Rocky, my partner, for constantly being supportive and encouraging.

I also want to thank my TAG TEAM SUPPORTERS: Rocky, Tania A, and Hello, Mirai who have been an empowering source of support as well.  Currently their funds are helping finance for artwork for Dreamscrapers adn the possible sequel to Cat's Dream.  MODELS will wholly use either my own artwork or open source images available online.

Here are a few pages for your viewing:

I won't be able to launch the game via Kickstarter or anything, but I still hope people like it once it comes out.

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