Sunday, November 15, 2020

Might fail my 12 new Challenge this year.

12 New Games this 2020

1) Praxis: Black Sun - Sunrise End

2) Protocol: Dinner Guests
3) Protocol: Chebyshev Function
4) Maze Rats
5) Dreams of the Aquarium
6) Trinity Continuum
7) Eldritch High
8) Jim Henson's Labyrinth: The Adventure Game
9) Takipsilim playtest

As it stands, I still need three new game systems to hit my 12 New Game Systems target each year.  As it stands, 2020 might be a year where I will fail to do so. It sucks, but I guess given everything else that has been happening this year, its an acceptable loss.  Despite the pandemic, the typhoons, the terrible government response, and the many other personal tragedies, I think we can try to focus on the small victories that exist and draw strength from those.

Who knows?  Maybe I'll be lucky and in the coming weeks, three more one-shot sessions get to happen before the year ends. There's an upcoming Night's Black Agents session which I will be able to count (even if on 2016, we played Mutant City Blues which is similar in system).  If things go well, maybe I can find a way to squeeze in a quick playtest of Models / Diliman.  Or maybe even a stab at playing something like Monsterhearts 2, Curse of the Yellow Sign, The Expanse, or maybe even something like Dune or a solo game like Ironsworn.  

Will just keep you all posted.
Thanks for reading.

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