Saturday, November 14, 2020


I don't think I'll be able to attend INDIE FIESTA tomorrow, but I was quite happy to have had the chance to connect with a number of other people - both attendees and game designers - and talk about their games or mine.  

As of mine, I was able to show them sneak peeks of two games:

Where players are supermodel super spies working to undo the hold of The Foundation on the world. Only their strong bonds, tradecraft, and specialties will help them survive the many risky actions awaiting them.  Target release date: December 2020.


Salamangkeros seek to forge a new secret order in a darkened world where the Cannibal Kings and other threats have insinuated themselves into the institutions that control the country.  But will they succeed when they can barely work together?  Target release date: April 2020

The whole event was using this platform called which allowed people to virtually congregate, move around, and connect with those around them. It was quite an experience.  

I'm very excited to get these games out. The last few months have once more been quite a challenge in finding inspiration and focus. But I am simply thankful I am surrounded by people who continue to be supportive and empowering.  Thank you for having me, Indie Fiesta!

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