Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Vampire 30-Day Challenge : Favorite Non-Camarilla Clan

Vampire 30-Day Challenge : Favorite Non-Camarilla Clan
When our group finally got a hold of two specific books, we realized there was a whole wide world of choices waiting for us to try playing: Vampire Player's Guide, 2nd Edition and The Player's Guide to the Sabbat.   Both books offered information on the other Clans that exist, from the Assamites to the Lasombra, the Tzimisce to the Ravnos, we found ourselves relishing the idea of playing the other facets of the World of Darkness.  The Darkness could grow darker.  The Shadows could stretch longer.

And what called back to me was Brujah Anti-Tribu.

I liked the idea of the Rabble having members that detested even themselves.  I liked the opportunity to embrace a much more violent concept and explore a lineage that celebrated its animal urges.  My character was inspired by Sharon Stone of Basic Instinct.  She was a rebellious idealist who believed that the City could be ruled better if the Prince was dead, and in her unlife, she explored a life among the Anarchs, toyed with joining the Sabbat, eventually fought off Assamite assassins and eventually forged a new Bloodline where she could use her blood to form skin-masks (think Mission Impossible), spider-climb, and eventually channel her blood into a dominatrix-inspired vitae whip that could split stone.

Yeah.  Those were *those* days.
And sadly, I don't recall her name.  Or can't find the home-brewed discipline that was once posted in that huge Vampire web resource.

If this Challenge was to require a much more appropriate Non-Camarilla Clan as a choice, then it would have to be the Giovanni.  Yes, it has much to do with the deliciously rail-roady saga called the Giovanni Chronicles.  But it was definitely a memorable romp for its time which allowed me and my friends to get a chance to interact with many of the World of Darkness' luminaries through the ages.  Our group loved the books so much, I actually ran it four times I believe, with each time approaching things with a slightly different slant.  But yeah, the loathing loving hatred we have for Ambrogino Giovanni is without equal.  Even more than the world-wide disgust that exists for Samuel Haight.

The Giovanni Clan was unapologetically a Clan of bastards.  And they were very proud to be bastards too.
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