Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Vampire 30-Day Challenge : Favorite Path of Enlightenment

Vampire 30-Day Challenge : Favorite Path of Enlightenment
Got to admit, I wasn't that much a fan of the Paths of Enlightenment that were offered in the game.  While I liked the idea and I found nice insight in seeing what each path constituted as their hierarchy of sins, I personally found it odd that there was a need to diverge too much from the morality scale which I felt could have stayed universal for all.  I would have just stuck to having certain path adherents have certain bonuses to certain rolls and penalties to others to reflect their twisted morality.

But if I were to choose, I'd have to lean towards The Path of Evil Revelations.

The hierarchy of sins wasn't really that impressive.  It helped give some ideas on how these people would react, but it was in no means revolutionary or awe-spiring.  What it failed to do, however, was touch on the name of the Path iteself: Revelatory.  The Path's sins did not encourage the search for hidden power, or the embrace of temptations and secrets, which I felt was more apt given the concepts.

The history was a bit weird, with the Path supposedly started by Brujah during the 1600s.  Kinda bothered me a lot given the Baali Clan and other really diabolical Cainites were around far earlier than that.  Supposedly that was only when the "rules were codified" but I still have my doubts that massively huge practicioners of a Path seeking revelations that did not shy away from human sacrifice and vile acts would have only penned their "rules" that much later in the era.

So with all these complaints, why do I list it as my Favorite?
Because  I loved it nonetheless.  It was like that old ragged shirt you got back in high school which you stubbornly refuse to throw away.  The path had so much potential I just had no plans of letting it go.

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