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Weeping Blade Smile ep01 : Legends of the Wulin

Weeping Blade Smile
Episode One

"Hidden Dragons Amidst the Fog of Day"

Legends of the Wulin

I am the Omnipotent Dreamer, Ching Eng.
Upon my charts I peer across the stars and see glimpses of events far and invisible.  I see how one rainy dark night, the Rabid Dogs surrounded a carriage bound for home.  The great cruel bandit Wei Long fought against the dynamic couple of Yue: Yue Yan and Yue Lan Yu, whose mastery of the Dragon Fangs was without equal.  Many say that night the Rabid Dogs failed to capture the Yue Clan and the carriage escaped into the night, but my charts speak otherwise.  Instead, I see a moment of passion born from Wei Long's gaze when his eyes met those of Yue Yan's.  I see the two daughters learning at a young age the need for the Warrior's Arts.  I see an unspoken debt to be claimed at a later date.  I see love.

I see the Governor Yang Sung, whose opulence threatens my respect, calling forth the Eagle Talons to stand before him.  The acts of banditry throughout the Province have raised the alarm of many of the wealthy.  The alarm has distressed the most the Magistrate Bai-Yan who has come to gain Imperial support.  I foresee this month is when he shall conduct business with the Eagle Talons, and set Gallant Eagle - the Clan's most vibrant leader - against Sheling Ying - the Clan's most vigilant hawk.  The Magistrate showers the Governor with much happiness, and thus happiness shall flow back towards him.

I see the Rabid Dogs sniffing the air for the trail that has gone cold.  The passage of Water clouds the presence of Metal.  The shadow of  the moon eclipses the burning Fire.  Jai-Min Xu, lieutenant of the Rabid Dogs, hungers for Justice.  The irony of which I cannot ignore.

I see Xu Tan Nu, mother of Xu Rong Sai and Xu Rui, ever faithful and devoted, offering prayers to the  Heavens.  She senses the ebb and flow of fortune and subtly attempts to lure it towards her sons.  The sight is unclear here.  There are things I cannot see.  But what I am certain of is this:  Xu Tan Nu is a daoist priest of great influence.  I can sense she can unravel the world the way a butterfly can start a storm.

I see Yue Fan, younger sister of Yue Yi - the Scholarly Detective - confused on how to handle matters of the heart.  I see her visiting the matchmaker Xiao Shiah Lin and learning about the teachings offered by the Resplendent Phoenix Society.  I see her visiting the matchmaker that fated day when the Rabid Dogs descend upon the matchmaker's caravan.  A little too early and the caravan would have taken a different route.  A little to late and Yue Fan would have lent her Warrior prowess to fight against the Dog.  But fates would require the Dog to face the Courtier alone.  And the horses to flee with the present from Bai-Yan left undelivered.  But yes, Yue Fan is ready to meet her match: Xu Rui.  And I agree with the Courtier, the match is a perfect fit.

From this even, the Magistrate Bai-Yan would find himself alit by Xiao Shiah Lin's apologies.  It is upon this moment that he falls for her beauty, the same beauty that has captivated me.    Xiao Shiah Lin matched me to Yue Yi, and I admit she captivated me with her genius.  But after twenty seven hours of joyful discourse, my hand upon her cheek was an unwelcome touch.  My name to take hers was an unthinkable suggestion.  
Yue Yi lacked the Fire to match my Water.  Yue Yi lacked the Earth which would welcome my Metal.  Yue Yi is my past.    Xiao Shiah Lin, I shall have you.

I see the events that transpire at the courtyard, as the man I have paid to pretend to be Xu Shen Kang fulfills his duty.  The Dong Brothers have long sought an opportunity to avenge themselves from the humiliation they suffered at the hands of Xu Rui.    I had them seek the great works of the Doctor Din.  And his mastery of the Flesh Sculpting Treatment was certain to give him the appearance he needed.

I foresee the event captivating the Magistrate Bai-Yan, who today is to confess his admiration for Xiao Shiah Lin - a confession she is to find offense towards.    And the unnamed shadow that hunts the Magistrate's sins shall take a step to warn him and his compatriots that their end is near.  I foresee the Dong brothers having a chance to face with the Xu Clan in time.  And of...

Xiao Shiah Lin.  She is here.
I shall come to say her name.  To greet her with a pleasant smile.
To touch her face.


Xiao Shian Lin shows Bai-Yan favor.
My charts are all mistaken.
My predictions are all wrong.

I must draw a new set and study.

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