Tuesday, August 2, 2016

#RPGaDay - Day02

I seems hard to really decide what would count as the best game session since August 2015.  Each game session I have has its moments that hit memorable status, just as many game sessions have their own cringe-worthy moments.  But thankfully, there are less of those cringe worthy moments than there are wonderful ones, so lemme try to mention a few here:

A Red and Pleasant Land: The group facing off against the Guest and finally being successful in at least hurting the damned thing.  Will never look at monster frogs the same way again.

Blades in the Dark: One member of the gang found himself traveling through time, affecting the past to begin the chain of events that lead to the eventual formation of the gang itself.  Trippy stuff, by that's what happens when one makes a deal with the Chaos God.

DC Heroes:  Those moments when the team acted like a young heroic team and not... others.  I'l definitely be more careful of whom I opt to play young heroes with in the future.

Orpheus: The three dive into the Wasteland for the first time and uncover the Emblems that they need to give humanity a fighting chance.

Ryuutama: That finale when the group finally finds a way to return back home and escape the clutches of the Black Ryuujin.  Somber, sad, yet wonderful at the same time.

And most recently, a Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine session:  The players uncover the true history behind the town's catacombs and find a very Ghibli-esque resolution to the story.

Great things really happen when you play with people who are honestly happy to be in your company.

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