Sunday, August 28, 2016

#RPGaDay - Day27

Oh man.
Which one will fit this bill, I wonder.

Would it be that time back in High School when I ran a role-playing game while with my players at the swimming pool?  We didn't use dice for those scenes, but we definitely kept playing despite wading in the water.

Or was it that time we ran a game for three straight days while playing over a long weekend.  We barely had any sleep as it was mostly just tiny power naps between some turns.

There is the game session which I ran while in a school bus.  Although that game didn't go so well.

There's a game session that ran for almost a month, played only via notebooks passed between me and the players since we were playing DURING class back in high school.  I feel bad I didn't be smart enough to keep the notebook then.

Finally, there was the game I ran for four players called Sacrament, which had a number of other non-players involved as non-playing characters who would reach out to the players via text messages and other ways to give them metaplot tips and hints about what the story had in store for them.  It makes me grin when I see stuff about Invisible Sun  and find touches that match the stuff I did for that game way back.

When you love something, you find ways to play it - no matter what circumstances you may be in.

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