Wednesday, August 10, 2016

#RPGaDay - Day11

Which gamer.  Now that really affects things in a certain way. Hmm.  I guess I would have to cite them seniors in the school bus who once allowed me to play for the first time a short and meaningless death.  (That was my very first game session.)  From that point on, I felt committed that any game I ever ran would be something the players would enjoy.  So you can say, gamers who didn't want me to play affected how I play role-playing games now.

I probably would also have to cite John Wick.  Although I've never gamed under him, I know a lot of his philosophies on gaming and having fun affected me after I read his books (particularly Houses of the Blooded, and later on, his Play Dirty stuff).  The new concepts inside were definitely mind-blowing for me just as the others were self-affirming that I was doing the right thing.   

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