Friday, August 5, 2016

Masters ep01 : Legends of the Wulin


Episode One

Legends of the Wulin

We've decided to start a new Legends of the Wulin campaign, set in the modern day, with the three players being the only remaining masters in a world that has embraced modern comforts.

Rocky plays David Yezi, a daoist ghost hunter (Priest) who manages a tiny hole-in-the-wall shrine.  His family was once known as the Falling Leaves Society, composed of gentlemen and ladies who follow the example of Huangdi and sought to bring Shen Zhou back to a golden era.  Being the sole remaining practitioner of the Flowing Universe style and Heaven's Lightning, he welcomes people (mostly tourists) to visit his shrine to offer prayers and petition for fortunes.  He lives on the 8th floor.

Che plays Rose Lin, a hospital surgeon (Doctor) who lives in the same compound as the others.  She was the grand daughter of the leader of the Black Lotus Society, the kung fu masters of the Criminal Underworld.  She continues to practice the Storm God's Fury and has unlocked the secrets of the Unstained Lotus.  She struggles between paranoia of her past and the desire to help others and lives on the 4th floor - a very auspicious floor.

Urim plays Matt Biao, a temp worker (Warrior) who seems to be navigating a string of bad luck and unhappy twists in life.  His family was known as the Little Forest Sect and once roamed the land as warrior monks that helped those seeking balance and enlightenment.   He alone knows the Destiny Cloud Fist techniques and embodies the secrets of the Iron Body.  He lives on the 2nd floor.

Matt Biao (Hiroyuki Sanada)
The story opens with Matt on a ferry heading home after a hilarious mishap at work.  While working overtime to deliver packages to now empty cubicles, he chanced upon what sounded like someone in need of help at the floor where his boss worked.  Peeking into the office, he found his boss sitting on his desk, naked, leaning back and groaning in held back agony.  Stepping inside to help, he sees a naked woman with a hint of red fluid dripping from her lips standing in front of him, smiling mischievously.  His instincts kick in and he rushes inside, pulling the man to safety!  But his actions instead bring him to terrible pain and tears when he discovers he had yanked the man out of a sexual harness clamped on his privates!  As it turns out, his boss was enjoying the ministrations from a dominatrix woman, whose lips were oozing from strawberry juice.  The police soon are called and he is fired from his job.

On the ferry, he sees the same woman there and she asks him to pay her to make up for ruining a night she would have made money. He ponders on how to make ends meet as he continues his journey home.

Rose Lin (Qi Shu)
Rose finds herself discovering some of her hanging laundry has disappeared.  She realizes the usual suspect, Tommy, might be involved and decides to visit his mother's unit to complain.  Sadly, Tommy's mother is Auntie Lo, the land lady of the compound.  The Auntie scolds Tommy, who then surrenders a whole box of stolen underwear to Rose.  Rose realizes most of them aren't even hers and decides to donate them to the nearby charity a few roads down the block.

While there, she meets Peter Chan, a good-looking young man who eagerly receives her donation.  Their conversation is interrupted, however, by Gong Bei, a ruffian who seems to have certain ulterior motives in mind.  She brushes him off and heads home, feeling uncertain if the man is watching her.

She arrives to see Matt on his way up and the two exchange some small talk before being accosted by young kids who "hold them up" for some change.  Barbie Hsu, the young girl offers her some home made siopao which Rose isn't certain if she should eat given the news of missing cats at the compound.  As she continues heading up, she even meets David Yezi who is off to manage things at his shrine.

David Yezi (Takeshi Kaneshiro)
At the Shrine, David manages a slow night, with only a few visitors coming by for prayers.  But things take a darker turn when he feels the presence of a powerful being come close and a group of men in suits walk into his shrine.  The very shadows in the room pull away, as if hoping to flee from the newcomer - a wizened man with a long white beard and a bald head.  He addresses David directly as one of the "heroes" and identifies himself as the Baneful Starving Tiger Dragon.  He has come to formally initiate the challenge and that in nine days, he will battle with the heroes for the fate of the world.

He leaves laughing, leaving David to ponder on what to tell the others.

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