Tuesday, August 23, 2016

#RPGaDay - Day23

This story would have to be rewarded to Rommel, my gaming buddy from waaaaay back.  We used to joke about how in all role-playing games with jets, he would always find himself failing the piloting checks to stay airborne.  It went as far as us going through this insane story.

We were playing Robotech one time, using the Palladium rules.  Rommel was a Vertich pilot, which fans of the show would understand to be pilots of the transformable jet planes that can transform into a hybrid plane-robot mode called Guardian (Gerwalk) and a robot form (Battloid).

So in a single game session, Rommel's character crashed his test flight jet, then failed to successfully launch another fighter as the Zentraedi began to attack, and finally, crashed again in the end of the session after he defeated the villain and tried to land at the base.

I don't think anyone can share having crashed three times in a single game, and yet survive to beat the bad guy.  Rommel, I miss gaming with you.

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