Monday, August 15, 2016

#RPGaDay - Day16

This question is a bit odd.  Had it been Fictional person, I'd readily choose a few.  But historical is a bit of a challenge.  In as much as having Shakespeare and the like might seem interesting to have in a game, I don't really find that as fascinating as say having River Song or the kids from Stranger Things in a gaming group I'm in.  The word historical also suggests it has to be someone from way back, so that removes wanting people like David Bowie or Vin Diesel in a game with us. 
Given the need to choose one, therefore, I might be bland and just choose Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, the German academic/linguist authors who collected and published folklore.  I would love to have them in a game using Changeling the Lost and watch them freak out as the monsters they face are born from the stories they have gathered through the years. 

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