Saturday, April 13, 2019

2019 April: TAG Bites: 7th Sea

Finally had a chance to run 7th Sea second edition for some of the awesome people who have been reshaping the tabletop industry in the Philippines.  Thomas, Nathan, and Mykey had a chance to dive into the wonderful world of Theah. Kyle, who was to join us, sadly had to reschedule due to work.

To make things even more interesting, I used Evan Perlman's Sea's 7 adventure as the jumping point with the players all being recruited to take part in David Swansea's plans to steal a golden idol from the Casino Imperial, which is sailing in international waters. Each having their own personal reasons for taking part, the heroes soon discover that many of their past rivals are on the ship as well. And while the golden idol seemingly is the target of the goons onboard, the true item of value is a cache of letters also hidden in the same vault.

Letters of the Queen to a Montaigne lover.

In the end, each hero finds their true calling. Hugh Garant, the Negotiator from Avalon, confronts the Queen and after learning he is powerless to truly end her oppression of the common folk, finds himself receiving an invitation to the Rilasciare.  Ibarra Locovitche Gissanlie, Eisen war doctor and hexe, desperate to find a home for the children living in the Walden, makes a terrible deal with the Unseelie host to transform into a home that lures children into its walls. He lives a life caring and educating the children... but loses his humanity in the process and finds the end at an Ungetumjager's blade. Finally, Jeralt Andorsen, Vesten Guildmaster who had hoped to recover the family rune armor that were sold during their hard times, finds himself reunited with the man who had purchased the armor and refused to sell it back. The man was too injured, this time, to get away and Jeralt smiled at how good endings do sometimes come to those who wait.

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