Sunday, April 14, 2019

2019 April : TAG Bites : Praxis, The King of Storms

Had a spectacular session of jim pinto's praxis game, King of Storms! Players for today's session included Titus as the Troll King, Bianca as the Iron Widow, Reyo as the Scion of the East, and Sophia supposedly as the Child of the Sea, but I messed up and forgot to print it out, so she ended up becoming the Prince of the Dead. This left me playing the Heir to the Sun.

We opted to have the game set in the modern day, giving it a fantastic American Gods feel with us gathering at some New York sky deck bar whenever we wanted to discuss godly things. The One King was dying and we all knew one of us was bound to become the new One King. Secret god-babies, information wars, and secret dealings with the Crones lead to the Prince of the Dead sacrificing her own daughter and the son of the Troll King and the Iron Widow to force me, the Heir of the Sun, to take her place and allow her to ascend to the One King's throne.

It was a blast, with us using all three Story Milestones, as well as a Plot Twist, and a Finale. The Troll King had a final valiant attempt to kill the Prince of the Dead, turned One King, but even the bullets from the people he had empowered were barely able to hurt her. With a gesture, the Heir of the Sun turned Prince of Dead then killed the Troll King. He did not find himself in the realm of the dead, however The Troll King felt pulled to a higher plane and there plots for his eventual revenge.

I will confess that in this game, I had a FANTASTIC time playing the Heir of the Sun with his abuse of libations and his impossible expectations from others. Given the world building also had us declare him and the Iron Widow as besties, we ended up patterning their relationship to that of Elliot and Margo from the fun show, Magicians.

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