Saturday, April 20, 2019

Gallant Knight Games: Announcing ONCE UPON A TIME IN JIANGHU

Gallant Knight Games is excited to announce that Tobie Abad’s Once Upon a Time in Jianghu will be seeking funding on Kickstarter next Tuesday, April 23rd

Created by Tobie Abad, project managed on Kickstarter by Ben Woerner of Woerner WunderWerks, and published and distributed by Gallant Knight Games, Once Upon a Time in Jianghu is a wuxia-inspired storytelling tabletop roleplaying game that utilizes a heavily modified version of Powered by the Apocalypse.
Set in a mythical and new, yet familiar world, Once Upon a Time in Jianghu is lovingly crafted by Tobie Abad, and features a talented roster of contributors who will be providing stretch goals as well as additional content:
  • Sen-Foong Lim
  • Banana Chan
  • Rob Abrazado
  • Elizabeth Chaipraditkul
  • Andrew Peregrine
  • with art by renowned Spanish artist Daniel Jimbert
Gallant Knight Games, Woerner WunderWerks and Tobie Abad are excited to put this game in your hands!

Full Announcement here:

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