Friday, April 5, 2019

2019 March TAG Bites: Paternoster: Houses of the Blooded

Had a fantastic opportunity to introduce the incomparable Houses of the Blooded game to three new players. Paolo, Arianne, and Kyle were the players for TAG Bites this March.  A fourth player, Aina, was sadly unable to join us (Aina, I promise we will reschedule for you someday soon!)

Paolo was Armenisu Adrente, Blooded of the Wolf and Baron of Stormbreak. Arianne was Aldernavi Throne, Blooded of the Falcon and Baron of Evergreens. Kyle was Vesuvius Mwrr, Blooded of the Serpent and Baron of the Western Weeping. The three were playing Ven who had heard of the death of Count Kether, whose Province borders their own. In a bid to claim the lands, they all had proclaimed themselves Kether's only child.

A fourth who also made such a claim, invites them to her own Castle, and the four enjoy a simple Banquet that is more than it seems. True enough, Kether reveals in time that he had falsified his death to see who would be deserving of his attentions and all whom had not bothered to find him "justice" find themselves at the bloody end of a poisoned cup.  He had a grand time in the game, with Paolo indulging in his tendency to rely on his sword skills, with Kyle using Sorcery like only the Serpents know how, and with Arianne just wishing everyone else opted to explore the Ruins like she wanted. Our favorite NPC for the night was Somma Mwrr, Vesuvius' twin who had switched places with him and sadly met an untimely death in her bid to keep her brother's secrets. Tragic and cruel. Just as Houses of the Blooded games always should be.

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