Friday, May 26, 2017

Forty Year Old Fanboy Update#10

so manynthings happened yesterday, I've yet to mark them down here.  And today is the day I'm heading to Hilton for the Gamex 2017 convention. This should be fun. And insane. And crazy! Omg. I'm super excited and scared and thrilled.

Wish me luck.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Forty Year Old Fanboy Update#9

Rode an Uber to The Getty, and there, I got to meet Ben Lehman (these are our games) and his friend, Winnie Garet. Man, that was incredible. It was humbling and uplifting. It was awesome. It was like meeting a friend I've always had. It was like meeting an idol I have admired for so long.

We explored the Getty, and got our full of paintings and sculptures and glasswork for two hours, talked about how a thousand years from now, archaeologists might find our rpg books and mistake them as religious stuff. Ponder over why the world obsessed over this tentacle headed monster. How some of the displays were like "Kickstarter editions" of enlightened tomes (This one comes with free tiny metal pins!)  We marveled at the intense details in the works, celebrated the keen eye for so many incredible tiny works.

Then we realized we were museum-ed enough and looked at our food options.  We didn't feel like any of the food choices in the museum, so we hit the road, had an odd snafu with a gate barrier that wouldn't come down, and made our way to Westwood.

Found myself reminiscing my time at UCLA since I walked to Westwood a few times back then.  We navigated around the nippy weather and eventually located the food place they wanted to try out.

The place was called Mesa, if I remember correctly, and it had these quite filling Steak Bowls.

While there, we talked a bit about our passions. I was fascinated with Winnie's love for languages, and history, and I admit I fell silent at lot and was just marveling at how much intelligence and charisma was pouring out from the two people I was with. Part of me was wishing they'd have a panel or something and really geek out and get to chat all about the stuff they love.

We then opted to head to USC, which was like around 45 minutes away, to be able to relax more at Winnie's place, and squeeze in a session of A Single Moment with Ben.  While I have my usual recording of the session, that recording will remain unpublished forever. I shall transcribe it for future posting, though.

During our game, I opted to give Ben a copy of A Single Moment, which I added a small dedication at the back and gave him a second gift, a copy of Talecraft which I felt was a unique enough local game that he'd enjoy. I didn't think they'd be able to easily get a copy, so I do hope he likes it.

Soon enough, it was 7p.m. and it was time to head back to my brother's place.  (Yes, that bright pic above is of us at 7p.m.) Gave Ben a final hug to say thank you for traveling to see me and took a long (and expensive) ride via Uber to head back to my brother's place.  My driver for the trip home was a fun guy who had a cooler with free bottled water and chips at the back. We talked about business, about chances, about the differences of traffic in Manila and Los Angeles, and even compared ages and the national identity.

There is truly something magical in finding new friends.

Got home at my brother's place, and decided to cook them some paprika chicken, fluffy scrambled eggs, and a hearty green salad.  It was the least I can do to thank them for letting me stay over.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Forty Year Old Fanboy Update#8

Finally visited the comic shop after a meal at Denny's where I was plied probably for tall glasses of raspberry ice tea. Didn't feel to welcome when the owner asked me to leave my backpack by the door. Decided not to make a fuss but opted not too buy anything.

Made my way to try the Game Ogre at Nordhoff only to discover it was no longer at the address the strategicon site listed. So that was a few wasted dollars. Also, my uber nearly got hit by a blonde girl who didn't seem to know how to use her signal lights. Resisted the urge to join the driver in yelling at her.

Now enroute to The Getty to meet Ben Lehman. Nervous as heck.
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Forty Year Old Fanboy update#7

stupidly tried walking from Reseda corner Devonshire to Continental Comics which is at 17081 Devonshire plaza. Maybe when I was younger I could have hobbit-ted this walk. Nope.too old for that now.

Ended up taking an Uber. Only to realize it doesn't open till 11. So now, at 930, I'm trying to rest a bit at Dennys. Yep. Don't judge me.

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Forty Year Old Fanboy Update #6

Jet lag still messing with my brain. Exciting day today though as I'm meeting Ben Lehman and we will be checking out the Getty Museum. Morning is a bit colder than expected. A pleasant break from sweaty nights at Manila.

Really miss Rocky though.
But I promised him and myself that I won't be a mopey dog while I am here.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Forty Year Old Fanboy Update #5

Woke up at 3pm and I think I'm trying to battle against jetlag. Spent the most of the morning tracking the packages we had ordered and discovered that some of our purchases did not arrive. So we're gonna have to double check with the sellers on what happened there.

Was able to get in touch with Rocky and we had a nice long chat to get back in touch and share updates on what's been going on from our respective ends of the world. Pretty excited for the various Star Trek ships that I'll find a way to bring back home with me. As well as the printed copies of 7th Sea Pirate Nations, Exalted 3rd edition, the decks for Masks, and our copy of Red Flags.

Spend most of the afternoon getting the ASUS (not SNSV!) phone which Philip lent me up and running using Dokes' AT&T Sim functioning.  Now that I've loaded it up with credits, I am actually reachable online and via mobile while here in the States.  Admittedly, I'm more accessible here than back at home cause here, the phone is set to unlimited data the whole time!  And yeah, this is a nice phone.

With that, I made sure the phone has both Uber and Lyft to give me mobility options. Sadly, Lyft didn't have anymore the $50 free credits for initial sign up. I was kinda hoping that was still in effect since it would have saved me a bundle of money. But at least I can pay using paypal. Also went to the grocery with Ate Ives to purchase the stuff I can cook for the family while here. I'm looking at roasting some chicken breast for them, maybe fry some pork slices, or even make burgers.  Definitely got lettuce and stuff for a hearty salad in the near future.  Tried looking for a Tamagoyaki pan but sadly there wasn't any, so will try to make a folded omelet without one in the coming days.

Been going through work emails, and writing some game writing when I can.  Still getting the feel of the house, but I'm definitely relaxed and happy.  Missing Rocky a lot, but at least the internet allows us to keep in touch.  I'm deliberately not talking about current news events in this blog.  Gotten in touch with a lot of the gaming people I'm meeting up with and a few old friends, and cousins, whom I can make time to hang out with too.  I will admit there's a part of me that feels odd about some of these meetups. A lot of the people I keep in touch with lately has been from industries or circles I've been keeping tabs with. But some of them are friends or family whom I barely hear from save for when such trips happen. It isn't a bad thing, but sometimes I just find myself wondering why it takes a trip like this before connections are reestablished. Oh well.

Tomorrow, I'll be meeting up with Ben Lehman and we're gonna hit the Getty Museum. Afterwards, I'm hoping to run A Single Moment for him and give him a signed copy of my book to keep too!  Now there was something else I purchased... but I can't quite put my finger on it right now.

I do blame my dear friend Jovan, and Kayta, for this purchase. Its an odd duck with nine hands being Caucasian and one single hand being quite tanned.  But I'm happy to own my own incomplete set. It will prove handy in the times to come.

I've been sneaking time to read Yasutaka Tsutsui's Salmonella Men on Planet Porno and it has been a wonderful escape from the stresses of daily life. The book feels like an interesting take at metafiction and while some make comparisons to Haruki Murakami, I feel this is closer to a more sexual and Asian Black Mirror.  I've also been finding time to read John Wick's Daughter of Fate which I am really enjoying as well. It is funny how I'm finding more time to read now.  But then that's cause I'm not having my quality time with Rocky as we watch our respective favorite shows. Ah, the see-saw of things to do.

Forty Year Old Fanboy Update #4

The Forty Year Old Fanboy has landed.  I'm now safely at Los Angeles and have met up with my brother and his family here in Northridge.  Of course, our first stop after the quite lengthy period of getting cleared for entry and finding my baggage at the carousel was a dive into In and Out burger. We're looking at more options in the coming days, as well as a lot of stuff to be prepped for when our parents come by in the coming days.

The airport journey felt like a quest. The long lines, the massive waiting time, the "NPCs" waiting for you and once you approach, point you to the next plot point to trigger to move forward in your story. I was tempted to have photos of the "robot" used at some point, but there was a no cellphone usage sign that I opted to follow. So I'm afraid all I have are these other pics.

I lucked out on my seat though, despite sitting very close to the end of the plane. On web check in, I noticed a whole row at the center seat aisle that was empty.  So I chose an aisle seat there and prayed I wouldn't have to struggle with an elbow encroacher during the entire flight.  When I got to the seat, it was empty so far!  Yay!

I sensed however that with my luck, things would change. Rocky knows how I tend to have the most horrible luck when it comes to board games, winning contests and the like.  The seats came with personal screens to watch movies, play games, and even listen to music.

Oh hello Sarah Geronimo.
Gah, now I miss O bar too.

Flight was in progress. Only one other person showed up and took the other aisle seat.  So we had two empty seats between us to celebrate. I was able to sleep with my legs up at some points in the flight, giving me more circulation. Yay!  My legs feel like hell still though. More so my feet. Man a massage would have been super awesome. Maybe that will have to wait til I get back though, just to be economical about it. 

The menu looked... impressive. But in the end the taste just wasn't there.
Hence, once my brother found me, we decided to swing by In and Out.
Hmmmhmmm.  Good food.

So yeah, the Tobie has landed.
Let you all know more about the coming days.
Good night for now. I'll try to get some zzzss and sync up with this area's time zone.
It's around 6pm in Manila at the time of writing this. Gah.

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