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After the Rain ep35 : House of the Blooded

After the Rain

Episode Thirty Five

Houses of the Blooded

Gillian and Zhivali enter the Upside Down Temple, thanks to Gil realizing the familiarity of Zhivali's blood with that of Dranna Ru would permit them entry.   They watch as the droplets flutter upwards and the door way opens for them to allow them inside.

Cassalanter talks to the Demon in the mirror.  She calls it her friend.  Nolwen arrives to ask about her special guests (Maya, Madelyn and Dalvinosh) and asks if they are to survive the burning of the world.  Cass gives no clear answer.

Rio finds that the Vashna have pulled away.  She searches for Nia or some other Serpent, hoping to ask some questions about the Vashna, and the Serpent she finds seems reluctant to help.  Rio tells him of the incoming battle and how it shall rid Shanri of two dictators.  She wishes to become a legend.  The Serpent agrees to assist if Rio answers three questions:  She is asked where Nia is and Rio responds she already has everyone else's secret name.  The Serpent is dismissed as the true leader, a woman, comes forward.  Rio shares that the pattern of the tunnels beneath the Citadel from a Circle of Protection ritual centering around James' opera house.   The woman asks Rio about Ash Jalan, and explains he's just a fictional creation of James.  The Serpent points out that the tunnels will need a lot of blood, which is why they must as Nia themselves for her help on what her plans were.  She does promise Rio their help.

James is at the Citadel with Madelyn's airship moored nearby.  The Tulpa has already faded. He looks at the pearl that Jarik once owned and decides to destroy it.  When he turns around, to his surprise, Jarik is there.  James asks Jarik about the contract and learns of how the Treaty was established to buy the ven time to prepare for their return.   The tunnels were inspired by the Suavan Althea Thorne.  Jarik seems confused and seems to think everyone is now a Bear. Jarik is so very confused.  He clarifies that it was Nerea, Bear Suaven, who inspired the tunnels, not Althea.  But then in the end, he corrects himself again and admits it was Nia's idea.  James clarifies if blood was spilled in its creation, and Jarik vehemently denies it was sorcery.

The plan is to trap the Golden City within the cities connecting the tunnels.  Jarik admits they never forgave the Senate for what they did to Seran Thorne.  The Opera House itself stands beyond the tunnel where only their families can access.  The plan is to trap the them along in the tunnel's perimeter.  Jarik wants to take James back with him.  He says that Madelyn and Dalvinosh's blood trace down to Cass.  Jarik hopes James can rescue Jalani from Q'naldinir.

Gillian finds Dranna Ru's body in the temple.  She lies in the spot where the Fallen Suaven, the Bloody-Eyed Widow, once lay.  Gillian talks to Dranna Ru by mixing her blood with her Ork's and pleading to Dranna Ru for help.  A centipede comes out of the darkness and walks up to her, and merges with her own brain to allow communication between her and the Suaven.  Dranna Ru pleads to Gill to take Zhivali away before the wall rises.  She says Shanri is meant to burn, and gives her visions of the Old Generation.  Gil sees images of Jarik and Nia talking of their plan with the tunnel.  They asked Dranna Ru to provide the blood by having the Orks murder all the Ven in the tunnels.  The ones to be saved will be marked on the forehead.  In return, they will make sure people forget Dranna Ru the Fashuva.  The conversation stops and they make their way outside.  Gillian makes Zhivali ride her familiar and bids it to fly away to the edge of Shanri.  As they fly, Dalvinosh's agents emerge and take Gillian prisoner.

Cass watches the rehearsals for the wedding and sees Cherno boldly playing the dangerous role of Galeo.  They talk to him afterwards, sharing with him how Galeo brings inspiration.  Cass suggests Cherno play Galeo as the Mother.  Cherno reveals that he was raised and prepared by Dalvinosh Steele.  He however claims Dalvinosh died a long time ago when the wall called the Mistweir collapsed, and he was spirited away to this Shanri.  All he could remember was a face - a beautiful woman who looked like Galeo - yet might be Madelyn - and that she somehow was instrumental to his arrival.  Cherno says he's still one-year old.  Cass takes one of his hair and asks for his name.  He remembers the name Calloway.   Once, there was a Bear child Galeo adopted by that name.

 The Serpents discuss a ritual that may be able to seal - something.  Nia and Jarik's plan seemingly already has prepared for this contingency.  Rio's plan is to start at the cities and leave the lands of Nia.  Any place not Serpent nor Fox will be razed, and the people herded towards Dalvinosh.  Rio's goal is to make Dalvinosh give up his army against the Senate so that all the armies can come to the center against the wicked ones.  Rio wants to time it so the armies are in time to meet them.

Maja Thayl arrives and interrupts Rio's meeting.  She brings Rio an invitation she received from Cass for her wedding.  Instructions to be at the Citadel at the Start of Summer are written on it. Maja is upset as she realizes none of the children have done as they were told.  Maja feels 16 years worth of planning has been put at risk because of this act of rebellion.  Maja says the only one that doesn't fear the wicked ones are demons.  Rio points out that she will be bringing all the sacrifices to the center.  Maja agrees, but the children are not supposed to be present.  Maja says she can make the people forget Rio.  Maja plans to attend the wedding.

James sends his vassals away.  Jesse arrives and the two talk about Jarik, the events and their emotions.  Jesse feels she is here to save James.  James, however, feels it is too late for that.  He feels he has no stake in all this despite Jesse feeling he is in the best position to do things since no one remembers him.  James opts to stay in the citadel, even refusing the Bloodsword she tries to hand him.

Dalvinosh Steele screams at Gil, questioning her role and actions.  Gillian, however, does not back down. Instead she drives home the news that the wicked ones are indeed coming and her conviction on speaking this makes him tremble.   He insists that he killed the last of the Wicked Ones in the past, even took the last of his children and raised it.  Gillian insists on taking the army he has raised and to her surprise, he surrenders to her both the army and his position as Avirex.  He has decided to accept the wedding invitation and hopes to learn the truth.  Gil sends Rio a message and suggests he stop his plans to raze the Provinces, now that they have both armies.

Cass tells Cherno to welcome their guests as Galeo.  Summer begins tomorrow.  The Totem Rex says he's delaying his own marriage to let Cass have her day.  Cass explains to the Totem Rex that her guests are people who have made her feel like a pawn.  The Totem Rex shows his wedding present to her - armies - and tells her that he rules the sky while Cass can rule the land.  He grants her the right to rule the armies during her wedding.  Jalani comes to speak to Cass about the army.  Jalani asks secretly if she has decided on whose side her allegiance lies.  Cass admits she will do what is best for what nurtured her.  Jalani tells her to take the army to Citadel.

Rio sends Gil instructions: to tell Jessie that Rio can save James but Jesse must use Jarik's secret name to stop the parents' plan.  Gil must keep the army from the Citadel's center, and keep the enemy's army from it as well.  Shanri is not afraid.

Maja and Dalvinosh arrive at Citadel where Rio is.  An airship arrives as well and from it, Nia descends.  She is painted white and her eyes gleam red and seems confused at what Rio had prepared.  Nia admits this all reminds her of Gillian, and confesses that Blood is Thicker than water.  Janine is worried. Nia understands she cannot stop Rio's plan and wonders if this will be their final encounter.  Rio has Talashan, and it has been a very long time since she had seen other Speakers of the Soil.  Nia thanks Rio for everything, proud of her despite her choice to do things differently.  Nia leaves, knowing matters are no longer in her hands.

James sees the invited guests arrive.    Maja Thayl, Dalvinosh Steele and Madelyn Yvarai gather to attend what may be the final wedding they ever attend.  James has his guards keep the three outside while he orders oil to be doused all over his lands.  Gillian's army arrives at the outskirts, while the other army camps around the Citadel.   The ven have now moved into position.

Cass talks to the demon and tells it she wants the demon with her.  The demon claims it can only help if she says its name.  Galeo calls out for Cass as the time for the wedding has come.  Cass claims she is doing all this for Galeo as her attempt to rid Shanri of those who used her.  The rest can start over.

Jalani steps through the opera house to receive Cass' guests.  She is shocked that James is still there, but focuses instead on showing where the guests should go.  James has to let them in.  Gillian mobilizes the army.  Galeo says that no matter what, Cass is of the blood.  She insists on having her wedding before she commands the army.   James and Jalani make their appearance - allowing guests to come in.  The Madelyn Yvarai that comes forward is an old woman.

Cass greets the guests.  Maja does not seem to happy to be present.  Madelyn is polite and smiles.  Dalvinosh is at awe, looking around and trying to understand it all.  Maja tries to give an excuse to leave the event, but the guards do not allow her to leave. She takes this as an insult.   Cass, however, points out how Maja had brought her armies.  Maja denies them being hers. She forces Cass to admit her plans, but it seems Cass still has not decided where she truly stands.

Galeo greets them and Maja is terrified to see her.  Madelyn asks if this is the moment they can talk and Madelyn uses the word, "reunited" to refer to this discussion.  The wedding begins.  Cherno watches from the distance and sees Madelyn Yvarai. He remembers her.  Rio's army marches into the Citadel as James continues to douse his property with oil.  Gillian remains ready with the armies.

The wedding ends without incident and the feast begins.  Cherno comes forward, not dressed in costume as planned, and Cass takes over to address the gathered.  Taking Nolwen's sword, she addresses the army as hers and claims she is uniting the land and sky today.  She commands the army to attack the Totem Rex.

Obedient to the end, the army rushes the Totem Rex.  Maja is confused and runs for cover.   Madelyn finally recognizes who the Totem Rex is and the shock silences her.  Dalvinosh recognizes the construction of the structure and reels at his realization.  The Totem Rex uses Sorcery and terrifying powers to fight back and the armies seem to struggle against this one man.

Cass addresses her guests, calling them the "cleverest of all her ven acquaintances."  Madelyn says it isn't chance that they are all here, but seems thankful they are not all complete for some reason. Dalvinosh realizes the cirty itself is a massive artifact, the only reason why the Totem Rex is still alive after he had killed him, and he realizes the blood of the Wicked Ones are in Madelyn and her line.  She is his daughter.   He tried to keep the blood apart, even eating the body, but the blood desires to return to the city!   All the Potent Blood carries are drawn to return, including Gillian.  She defies it, standing her ground, but others are not as strong.  Those who get too close are struck down, and the Blood breaks free from their bodies to float towards the City.  Gillian calls for her men to drag the other Potent Blood carriers back, and to tie them to the ground.

Her actions might have helped as the Totem Rex seemingly begins to act weaker.

Maja searches for Jalani among the screaming crowds.  Madelyn admits that all of them have visions - she has of a Bronze Inquisitor, Dalvinosh of a grinning man, and Cass of this demonic presence.  Cass asks if Galeo's spirits are still there  but Madelyn insists that their blood carries with it something that whispers in their ear.  Something that insists to be superior than others.  She says the Totem Rex wants to collect their blood and reunite the divided essence within them.

James, Gil and Rio observes the Golden City seems to wobble and weaken the longer they keep the Potent Blooded from getting closer.  Rio and Gil command their forces to pull back.  James notes that the map on the garden matches the structure's damage, as if it updates them real time on what is transpiring.  The tower begins to move.

Galeo calls for Talia Yvarai and for Falvren Dyr to come forth and use her.  Galeo's one eye turns bloodshot as Falvren Dyr possesses her.  He speaks through her mouth and warns that he is the Weapon.  Galeo attacks the Totem Rex, despite Falvren Dyr warning her that this battle will not end well for her.  She insists it will end well for Cass and that is what is important.
Rio sees the Totem Rex fighting the army with ease.  Through some Sorcerous power, Bloodswords swirl and dance around him like a cloak, slashing at anything that gets too close.  The armies commanded by Cass to attack are dying all around him.  Cass rushes to Cherno, who declares her as his sister.  Dalvinosh stole him from Galeo when he was a baby, during her celebration.  Dalvinosh decides it is time and uses the artifact hidden long in his chair.  

Cass demands for Cherno to be Galeo, and asks what "she" has in her head.  Gillian finds a burrower Ork bursting from the ground to pick her up. Jalani appears at the tower with Nolwen and tells him to seal the door.  She slits Nolwen's throat to ensure he cannot reopen it.  James seals the door as well.

Rio snatches the Totem Rex from the air, but having lost his opponent, Galeo/Falvren Dyr gets angered.  Multiple Bloodswords stab at Rio and they crash into the garden.  Cass encourages Cherno to try and be Galeo to get them out of the city.   "Galeo" suggests taking the door.  It closes before they get to it.  Madelyn tells them they can take her airship, which remains nearby.

Gillian, upon the burrower worm, rides it all the way down from the Golden City.  The Serpents begin using the Talashan magic to force teh blood back.  Madelyn tells Cass she can only take one person with her - and then reveals she has the glider that was once a gift to Seran Thorne.  Cass gets into it before Madelyn can do so, and demands to know who can make the rebuilding of the world worth her while.  Cass decides to save Cherno instead.  Madelyn curses her as they leave, promising her that all she cares about shall die.  

Madelyn and Dalvinosh fall into the ritual Rio is in the center of.  Rio points out as she stabs that the Sorcerer-King also feared Shanri - as it is something all ven inherited.  James touches the Opera book and hears Talia Yvarai saying someone is calling her.  James takes the book with him.  

Cass tells Cherno that it will be his duty now to spread her name as House Callselanter.  She gives him this final duty then stabs herself in the chest, perhaps to fulfill the curse that the only thing she cared about shall die by her hands.    Cherno does not understand though why she would do that and not simply allowed someone else to escape on the glider with him.

James gets to the tower and realizes that the tower is made of orichalcum.  He sets the book down and impales the book.  The demon bleeds, and its blood fuels the spell of the tunnel network.  The wall goes up and the Sorcery is completed.  Rio watches as the wall rises.  Gillian and Cherno remain outside its walls.  Gillian gathers all the survivors she can, and they head out.   Dranna Ru threatens to eventually kill her entire line if Zhivali is not safe.

Galeo returns to herself, no longer possessed by the Suaven.  Shanri responds to their event, and the entire circle of land cupped by the Ritual is sucked into the Abyss, taking Rio and James with it.

At the Senate Hall, Cherno calls to be Avirex.   He calls out to all to listen.  And he hears a voice whispering in his head.

And far away, Gillian watches as a woman and a man walk away.  Finally free to be together again.

The End
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