Friday, August 5, 2016

#RPGaDay - Day06

I would have to say this is the creation and continued function of the Gamers and GMs Philippines group.  Marc Reyes had a dream of making an event to get more people into gaming, and to help train people to becoming GMs and run games.  From that, we've grown to having almost monthly mini-conventions and have gotten more people interested in trying a variety of role-playing game systems.  I personally know of four people who only started gaming recently and now are running their own games!  And for me, that is already a sign we're doing something right.

Marc's idea remains awesome and I am committing to always doing what I can each month to help him keep this going.  We've gained a few more volunteers and hopefully, in the years to come, celebrate more and more gaming and sharing the techniques and tricks we've learned through the years with everyone who is willing to learn.  

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