Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Wardens ep08-13 : DC Heroes

The Wardens
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Mayfair Games' DC Heroes

I've decided to make this the last post in relation to this game, despite having a few more episodes worth that I could have summarized.  Simply put, the heroes faced off against a massive villain whose telepathic powers seemed to have taken control over the world, as well as other planets in different systems.

The truth however is later revealed that they were all merely locally mentally usurped and made to think the reach was far more widespread.  Starborn was imprisoned in a prison which was outside the planet, and one character's journey ended up giving the villain a chance to leap back and reach down with his psychic influence.

The stories later progress further, with the world's main bad guy attempting to lay claim to the alien presence that announces its arrival on Earth (in a bid to reconnect with a lost member of their clan) and the hints of the repercussions of what can only be described as the usual trope of Nazi experimentation on superhuman people.  There were revelations about the big heroes and big villains of the world as well, and the price of the growing popularity of the young hero group.

The game was to eventually explore the rise of Magic on the world as one of the characters take the burden of representing Magic in the world and the discovery that the absence of super heroes in the future was because the heroes in the present had to leave the planet and deal with a desperate villain whose roots are traced back to one of their own number.

The game was also going to explore the hijinks of non-human characters attempting to fit in with human kids, the price of a super villain heritage on a young hero, the idea that despite being born in different worlds we can all still be considered the same, and the tragic death of a non-playing character which the group's healer could only heal by willingly giving up his immortality.

It was a wonderful story arc composed of multiple story arcs which the players had created, and I was really hoping to see it come to light.   But that's that.  Real life steps in and things take a turn in different ways.  So yeah, this is the final post for this game session transcription.  The book is closed and despite all the recordings I have of the sessions, I've come to a point in accepting it is pointless to hold on to the past.

It is time to move on.  Time to delete this chapter from my computer and stop hoping things will still be repaired.  It is time to close the book and accept it as all done and over with.

It is for the best.
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