Sunday, April 22, 2018

Day 10: Dungeon World

There are RPGs and settings that have had a lasting impact on us all. Over 10 days share 10 covers of games. Takes us all on a journey from earliest gaming through to where you are now. Tell us why it made a lasting impression.

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Day 10: Dungeon World

While I did have a copy of Apocalypse World and other games that were Powered by the Apocalypse before I had a tried a session of Dungeon World, it was with this game that helped my brain go "OMG this is genius." With this game, I realized the wonderful power of the engine, how it has players handle all dice rolls, how the GM simply focuses on the rules to support the narrative, and how narrative can be enough a "common sense" limiter for game mechanics.

As of writing this post, I am working on a Wuxia game that is Powered by the Apocalypse. I cannot wait to see how the gaming world will enjoy it and I do hope they do when it finally gets released!

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