Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Sunday, April 16, 2018 #AprilTTRPGMaker 16: Any Design Partners?

April 16, 2018
#16: Any Design Partners?
While I pretty much design my games by myself, I do have a fantastic support group that helps me silence the Imposter Syndrome voices and anchors me to the ground. Writing a game can be exciting, terrifying, incredible, fantastic, and horrifying. So it really helps to know there are people who constantly cheer me on and support me.

Thank you to the Gallants. You all are generously kind and wonderful. If only physical distances did not exist.

Thank you to my partner, Rocky, who always reassures me and reminds me to keep writing. To keep creating. To have fun. I hear the stories of so many others whose significant others are not as passionate or as supportive of their gaming and it just reminds me of how fortunate and lucky I am to have found you.

I will admit, the last secret partner would be the one my partner calls Archer. The me when I'm not consciously me. The me when I'm asleep. Or drunk. Or somewhere between the two. Archer has fantastic dreams, wacky moments, and yes even conversations which I never hear about. But I suspect given how overwhelmingly intense the creative urges can get, Archer is probably the embodiment of that inner child that fuels my creative work.

From https://twitter.com/Kiranansi

I challenge ye, my dear fellow game makers, to answer my questions, on the corresponding day, this burgeoning April, and verily it shall be that ye shall be inspired by all makers around you and in this beautiful world henceforth. #AprilTTRPGMaker

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