Monday, April 30, 2018

#AprilTTRPGMaker 27: Feature a TTRPG designer

#27: Feature a TTRPG designer
I have to feature two friends.

First, I must mention Alan Bahr of Gallant Knight Games.  The man has so much ideas and energy, he writes like a maniac and produces fantastic games. I've been fortunate enough to have known him for quite some time and to have gained his confidence, despite my work not being as profitable as I wished it was, he's been supportive and encouraging in so many ways. He's created games inspired by music, by sentai warriors, by kaiju, and more. He's just incredible.

Second, I must mention the legendary jim pinto of postworldgames. jim definitely is not a new name in the industry. His presence as long been felt and has been influential in so many ways. But he deserves this highlight because his two game systems, Protocol and Praxis, deserve to be better noticed. Both are fascinating works that encourage narrative focus and deep role-playing opportunities and are wonderful bookends to the crunch and fluff spectrum.

There are so many additional designers worth featuring, but I guess it loses its focus if I showcase too many.


I challenge ye, my dear fellow game makers, to answer my questions, on the corresponding day, this burgeoning April, and verily it shall be that ye shall be inspired by all makers around you and in this beautiful world henceforth. #AprilTTRPGMaker

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