Monday, April 16, 2018

Day 7: Changeling the Dreaming

There are RPGs and settings that have had a lasting impact on us all. Over 10 days share 10 covers of games. Takes us all on a journey from earliest gaming through to where you are now. Tell us why it made a lasting impression.

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Day 7: Changeling the Dreaming

As you can see, there's a pattern here.  A lot of my years growing up as a Game Master was playing various World of Darkness games.  Vampire opened my eyes to possibilities.  Wraith opened my eyes to the darkness and its richness.  Changeling reminded me that no matter how dark and dismal things can get, there can always be something far brighter: hope.

This game remains a beautiful game despite the years that have passed. It has aged spectacularly well and remains one my friends and I often long to return to and explore. The concepts of chimerical things, of Cantrips and Bunks, of the rarity of Glamour, of alternate worlds in the Dreaming, all these have long resonated and inspired me in many other games.  In the end, it is because this game dares to dream. It attempted to mere cards and roleplaying games long before the Invisible Sun ever thought to. Perhaps cause one can see how it drew inspiration from the same well Everway did in the past. Dreams and alien landscapes. Adventure and fear.

I choose to believe.

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