Thursday, April 12, 2018

Day 5: Wraith the Oblivion

There are RPGs and settings that have had a lasting impact on us all. Over 10 days share 10 covers of games. Takes us all on a journey from earliest gaming through to where you are now. Tell us why it made a lasting impression.

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Day 5: Wraith the Oblivion

Wraith taught me to see role-playing games as more than just a game. It was a medium of exploring anything. Fun stories. Dark stories. Introspective thoughts of an existential nature. It taught me to see players as people who can also offer options as antagonists in a game. It was a dark and dreary game that enthrals, inspires, seduces, and terrifies.

And I still seek for the day I can run this with a group that is willing to dive into the darkness with me. A group that absolutely trusts in me and in each other. A group mature enough to explore disturbing topics without using it for cheap self-fulfilling gains at the cost of other player's comfort.

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